African Pro-Life Activist: We Don’t Need Abortion

International   |   Krista Thomas   |   Aug 8, 2014   |   2:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Emil Hagamu is one of millions of Africans who increasingly wonder what wealthy Western nations want from Africa. All over the continent, the influence of these nations is visible: trucks, billboards and project signs from NGOs that want Africans to stop having children.

Do these wealthy nations – nations that experienced their most dramatic and sustained economic growth while having higher fertility rates, but are now struggling as their birth rates decrease – really expect Africans to believe that by limiting births, they will join the “developed world?”

emilHuman Life International shares this concern, which is why we work with Emil and other African leaders to make the case for a true Culture of Life – one in which traditional marriage and family are protected and every vulnerable person at any stage of his life is cherished and defended from conception to natural death.

In Tanzania, this has been Emil’s concern for 20 years. Like HLI’s other partners around the world, Emil has been organizing, training and equipping local leaders to defend life and family in their own communities, their own language, and with their own cultural wisdom.

  • We ORGANIZE communities by inviting them to join us in the battle for life and family. When you see a march for life in Africa, an HLI affiliate is usually coordinating and leading the effort.
  • We TRAIN local church and community leaders to recognize the tactics and strategies of anti-life NGOs, and to effectively respond through advocacy and education.
  • We EQUIP communities with the knowledge and materials to spread the Gospel of Life, and to promote a view of society based in a view of the human person and the human community that is directed toward authentic, integral human development. Our educational materials promote the dignity of the human person frochild.capture4m conception to natural death, the true nature of marriage and the family, fertility awareness as a healthy, inexpensive and natural means to achieve or postpone pregnancy, and other pro-life themes.

For 20 years, Emil has been making this case, organizing, training and equipping Tanzanians and Africans in English-speaking nations to defend life and family on their own terms. His efforts, and those of his pro-life colleagues and the Catholic Church, have kept these nations mostly abortion-free. We would call this a success, even if the job is always just beginning.

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Will you join Emil and Human Life International in spreading the Gospel of Life in Tanzania, in all of Africa, and around the world? Note:  Reprinted with permission from Human Life International. Krista Thomas is a Communications Specialist at Human Life International.