15-Year-Old Forced to Abort Her Unborn Baby, Now At 22 She Can’t Ever Have Children

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 8, 2014   |   4:22PM   |   Washington, DC

Many abortion supporters believe that abortion should be legal without any restrictions. They say no to ultrasounds, counseling, or waiting periods before abortions; no to parental consent for minors seeking abortions; and no to bans on painful late abortions and federally funded abortions. Clearly, their ideology is that abortion should be funded by our tax-dollars and permissible for any reason.

They also claim that abortion is “harmless” and access to it should be a woman’s fundamental right because she’s the boss of her own body. In fact, these days we hear that abortion is actually good for women. Yes, that’s right; according to some “pro-choicers” abortion can actually improve a woman’s physical and emotional health. This message is promoted by groups like Exhale, which celebrate “abortion well-being month” during the month of April. Instead of grieving the loss of their baby, post-abortive women are encouraged to focus on “well-being, connectedness and compassion” because abortion can be a “healing and empowering experience”.

Let’s be clear: It is impossible for abortion to be a healing or empowering experience.

sadwoman19If that were possible, it would be ok for a mother to say, “I killed my five-year-old, but it was an empowering experience”, or “It was very healing for me to kill my three month old, down-syndrome baby because I knew that if they grew up, they would suffer.” Of course, we would say that’s ludicrous. Like any other death, the loss of a human life takes a toll on the family involved, even if it doesn’t feel that way immediately.

Earlier this year, one pro-abortion artist, Heather Ault, took her love for choice a step further by exhibiting her art at the University of Michigan that said abortion is a “life sustaining act and a gift from God”. The display was created to defend and glamorize the history of abortion. Not only are these claims and celebrations wrong and misleading, they are heartbreaking because woman are devastated by abortion.

Many women suffer in silence from their abortions because we live in a society that is increasingly “celebrating” abortion. Women are told that abortion is a safe and simple procedure, much like having a tooth extracted; or that there will be no long-term side effects and their life will go back to normal.

However, studies show that over 65% of women who have abortions suffer from post-abortive syndrome, 31% have health complications, and post abortive women are six-times more likely to commit suicide than women who give birth. Also, many women who have abortions are coerced or forced into it by parents, spouses or partners. For these women, this “choice” society brags about really isn’t one at all.

For example, a story shared in Teen Abortion Issues highlights what can happen when a teenager is forced to have and abortion. The post abortive woman writes:

“I was 15 when I first had sex. Like most people I never thought that I would get pregnant. I didn’t know that I was pregnant until I was a little over two and a half months. When I found out I was, it was as if the whole world stood still, like I was dreaming and just waiting for someone to wake me up.

I told my mom over the phone. I couldn’t imagine telling her in person. She yelled and I cried.

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Days later my parents told me that they were taking me to get an abortion. I told them that I was against abortion, not that they cared at all. I asked if I could do an adoption and they said that it would be too hard to give my baby away. I disagree.I think that its harder to get a abortion.

I’m 22 now, it has been seven years, and I think about the abortion everyday.

I remember the white ceiling in the room before they put me to sleep. I was asleep, and I was praying that I didn’t wake up because I didn’t want to live without my baby. After the procedure I woke up to tears rolling down my face because of the emptiness. I was broken. Seven years later and I can’t get over the abortion.

Now I can’t have children. I haven’t had the heart to tell my family. I wish that seven years ago someone would have told me that I had a choice.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only case of a parent forcing an abortion on a teenager. Melissa Ohden, who survived a saline abortion in 1977, says her biological mother was forced by her mom to have the abortion that was meant to end her life. While she survived, countless do not and the parents of these aborted children are left heartbroken, just like this 15-year-old girl.

With 65% of all abortions involving some type of coercion, it is critical that we remind women and girls that there are other options, and they may live in a state where there are laws against forced abortion. Currently, at least 15 states have some form of coercive abuse prevention laws

Additionally, groups like Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Project Rachel work with women who regret their abortions and provide them a place to find counseling, forgiveness and grace.