Couple Who Wanted Surrogate to Abort Baby With Down Syndrome Now Missing

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 6, 2014   |   1:31PM   |   Washington, DC

The surrogate involved with the case of Gammy, the baby at the center of an international controversy of a couple from Australia who wanted their surrogate to abort a baby who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, is now talking to the press.

Meanwhile, David and Wendy Farnell (pictured right) have not been seen since it emerged they abandoned Gammy in Thailand and returned to Australia with his healthy twin sister. Meanwhile, Thai police raided the surrogacy clinic linked to the baby Gammy ordeal.

gammy6The story is sending shockwaves throughout the pro-life community as it highlights the problems associated with abortion, surrogacy and the targeting of babies with Down Syndrome, 90% of whom die in abortions, according to some reports. reported on the tragic story last week about the Australian couple who was paying a woman from Thailand to carry their twin unborn babies as a surrogate and who asked the woman, Pattaramon Chanbua, to abort one of the babies because testing had revealed one of the babies has Down Syndrome.

The Farnells enlisted Chanbua , whose family was heavily in debt, to become their surrogate and to use IVF to become pregnant. She was subsequently found to be pregnant with twins but the initial joy turned to rejection when testing showed a boy nicknamed Gammy was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

The couple wanted the Chanbua to have an abortion, but she refused and eventually gave birth to Gammy and his twin sister in Bangkok. The couple then refused to take Gammy back with them to Australia and left him in Thailand.

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Now, a London Daily Mail report indicates the Thai surrogacy agent Kamonthip Musikawong, also known as Joy, is talking about what happened.

gammy7Kamonthip, who acted as the go-between for the parents, said Gammy’s surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua and Australian biological parents David and Wendy Farnell couldn’t reach an agreement towards the end of the pregnancy when it was revealed Gammy had Down’s Syndrome.

‘We just didn’t know, if this happened, what we are going to do… until the surrogate came up with a solution… we, just like, I was very impressed with her solution,’ Ms Kamonthip, who is also known as Joy, told the ABC.

‘She said “I will take the dumb baby but not the… I will take the boy. Like, nobody need to worry.’

Pattaramon said she met David and Wendy Farnell three times after she gave birth to the twins.

She did not have contact with them during her pregnancy or beforehand and dealt only with the surrogacy agency.

Ms Kamonthip, the Thai agent, declined to answer questions from the Daily Mail Australia, instead directing a number of accusations at the surrogate mother.

She claims that before the Australian parents flew back home, they told Ms Pattaramon they wanted to take both babies.

‘Why didn’t you give the boy back to the biological parents?’ she posed to Ms Pattaramon in an email to the Daily Mail Australia.

Ms Kamonthip continued: ‘If you have had sad experience about being surrogate, why did you recruit surrogate mothers for some agencies just two months ago?

‘If the agency or parents owe you any money, why didn’t you go to the police earlier? Why did you do anything earlier?’

Pip Panasbodi, a consultant at CP International Education and Migration Centre, said Ms Kamonthip used to work at the firm but quit to get into the ‘booming’ international surrogacy trade.

Ms Kamonthip says on her Linked In profile she still works at the firm but Ms Panasbodi said she resigned in January 2013.

‘I remember when she resigned she said the surrogacy industry was booming and some American people wanted to get her involved,’ Ms Panasbodi said.