Salon Assistant Editor Bragged How She Planned to Have an Abortion

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 5, 2014   |   4:55PM   |   Washington, DC

Jenny Kutner, who is the Assistant Editor of the pro-abortion website,, announced in an August 1st article that she was having an abortion this past weekend. In the article, Kutner explains how she took measures to prevent pregnancy by placing a copper IUD in her uterus one year ago.

She writes, “I don’t want to have an abortion, which is why I got an IUD — to give myself a 99 percent chance of not having to consider the procedure for a decade, or ever. (Clearly the IUD failed, so I guess I’m the 1 percent.) What I definitely, definitely don’t want, immeasurably more than I don’t want to have an abortion, is to be pregnant or have a child. So I’m not going to. At least, not right now. ”

JennyKutnerThen she continues by thanking her lucky stars that she no longer lives in her hometown of Texas because in New York she is trusted to make her own decision. “There are no mandated ultrasounds in New York; no condescending scripts for the doctors to read; no increasing shortage of clinics because of legal entrapments that endanger women’s health,” Kutner said.

However, she completely avoids the core of pro-life ideology, which is that the unborn child temporarily housed in a women’s body is a living person, just like the rest of us. The pro-life movement’s opposition to abortion has nothing to do with failing to trust women to make their own decisions. Rather, it is about the reality that abortion is always the wrong decision, no matter the circumstances of a woman’s pregnancy.

Ultimately, pro-life ideology is based on biology, not on semantics or a desire to remove women’s rights. It centers on the fact that an unborn baby has a separate body, separate genetic makeup, and a separate heartbeat that its mother. The growing human is very similar to you and me, and now because of advances in ultrasound technology, we can watch the child smile, yawn, stretch, suck its thumb, and even smile.

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The reasonable conclusion to come to after surveying these facts is that these tiny humans should be given the same rights and protections as the rest of society. But instead of discussing any of this in her article, Kutner sticks with words like “women’s health” and “entitlement” to clarify why her decision is her “right “as an American citizen.

She concludes by saying, “I don’t know what comes next, how or if this will change who I am. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. I can’t know that now. It isn’t Saturday yet.”

One thing is certain, whether Kutner realizes it or not, her life will never be the same. Yes, she walked into a New York Planned Parenthood on Saturday pregnant, and yes, on Sunday she was no longer pregnant; but one does not walk away from a decision like that unaffected. In a matter of seconds, her baby will be ripped to shreds, and Kutner will forever be the mother of a dead baby. And with all my heart, I pray that maybe she reconsidered her decision.