Police Raid Euthanasia Group’s Office After Giving Drug to Man Who Killed Himself

International   |   Paul Russell   |   Aug 4, 2014   |   7:28PM   |   Canberra, Australia

An hour after Philip Nitschke met today with South Australian Police over the recent nembutal death, in Adelaide, of former Voluntary Euthanasia Party Senate candidate, Max Bromson, his clinic in the Adelaide suburb of Gilberton was raided by police.

philipnitschkeMax Bromson took his own life by consuming the drug in a hotel room in Adelaide earlier this week in the company of members of his family. Bromson organised to video his own death ostensibly to show that he acted on his own volition.

However, on advice of the death by Bromson’s sister, Adelaide detectives swooped on the scene, confiscating mobile phones, devices and laptops as part of their inquiry.

Nitschke admitted in the Press that he provided Max Bromson with advice concerning nembutal and also tested the purity of the substance that Bromson is alleged to have imported from China. He also said that he expected to be questioned by police in regards to the death.

South Australia’s laws on assisting in suicide have, to the writer’s knowledge, never been tested to the extent of defining what might be considered as assistance.

The InDaily report says that police again confiscated electronic and mobile devices from the Gilberton address.

Yesterday the ABC World Today Program highlighted HOPE’s call for a national inquiry into the operation of Exit International and Philip Nitschke. This writer was quoted in the report:

Paul Russell from anti-euthanasia group HOPE says assisted suicide needs to be addressed on a broader scale.

He’s calling on a Federal Government response to Philip Nitschke’s organisation.

PAUL RUSSELL: Exit is an international organisation and Philip’s reach is into many Western countries.

I think we really need to sit down as a country and have a decent look at this organisation, some kind of national inquiry, to really uncover what’s happening here, even if only for the sake of natural justice for those that have lost loved ones.

ELEANOR HALL: And that’s Paul Russell from anti-euthanasia group HOPE, ending Caroline Winter’s report.

LifeNews Note: Based in Australia, Paul Russell is a leading campaigner against euthanasia.