They Weren’t Planning on More Kids, Then God Blessed Them With Natural Quadruplets

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 1, 2014   |   1:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Colorado couple Melissa Reid and her husband, Matt, had no more plans to have children, as they already had five children and felt their family was complete. reidfamilyNow they’re the proud parents of nine after giving birth to naturally-conceived quadruplets, an incredible rarity.

The four new babies were born at University of Colorado Hospital via caesarian section at 33 weeks. Little Ryder Lee Reid was the first born on Monday and the smallest at 2lbs, 14oz. Aela Ann was next at 4lbs, 1oz; Kamden Chad weighed in at 3lbs, 2oz. And Brinlee Diane entered the world at 3lbs, 7oz.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Dr. Meghan Donnelly was just as surprised as the Reid family and told a local Denver CBS station, “Melissa is about one in millions. We can’t even quantify how rare this condition is.”

Fortunately, the babies have had no medical complications despite their premature birth — they were expected to be born September 17th.

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reidfamily2They are tiny and precious. Mom is a rock star, and dad is delighted. The hope is in 6 to 8 weeks everybody will be home.

Melissa cradled Brinlee Diane who came out 3 pounds, 7 ounces. She was “Baby D” until 3 days ago. That’s when Melissa delivered babies D, C, B and A — all born at 32 1/2 weeks.

“All four came out pink and crying and are doing great,” Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr. Meghan Donnelly said.

Donnelly said the pregnancy has been a wonder for the hospital staff ever since mom checked in, and in the delivery room “Baby A,” Ryder Lee, staged a big surprise.

“I was sitting there and I felt him come out and the doctors were freaking out because they weren’t expecting that, you know,” Melissa said.

“Mr. Ryder didn’t want to wait for us,” Donnelly said.