Planned Parenthood Fined $25,000 For Running Filthy Abortion Clinic

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 1, 2014   |   9:57AM   |   Columbus, OH

A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic has been fined by the state of Ohio for running a filthy, unsanitary abortion clinic that puts the lives and health of women at risk.

Today, Ohio Right to Life obtained documentation of enforcement actions against three abortion facilities by the Ohio Department of Health. Among them is a $25,000 fine issued to Planned Parenthood of Bedford Heights due to severe violations of health and safety standards. Such violations include the facility’s failure to adhere to infection control policies, including exposed urine samples.

plannedparenthood121The violations include the state health inspector found include:

  • no experienced director of nursing on staff
  • improper storage of eight containers of human tissue
  • 3-month overdue follow-up documentation for hospitalized abortion patient with perforated uterus
  • incomplete documentation for abortion patient who was hospitalized for bleeding
  • use of expired and undocumented chemicals and equipment used on surgical suction hoses

Ohio Right to Life told that further enforcement actions by the health department were taken against Northeast Ohio Women’s Center, which was denied a license to practice surgical abortions due to multiple health and safety violations, including failure to properly train staff, lack of a director of nursing, and expired medications and pregnancy tests.

“We’re deeply concerned, though admittedly unsurprised, that multiple abortion facilities are jeopardizing the lives and health of women,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “The real war on women is being waged everyday in these unsafe and unsanitary abortion mills. These reports shock the conscience and reaffirm our resolve to protect life from Ohio’s abortion industry.”

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This week, ODH also issued an administrative order to close the last remaining abortion facility in Toledo. Capital Care Network of Toledo (CCN) was unable to secure a transfer agreement with any Toledo-area hospital which caused health officials to begin the closure process last year. CCN attempted to enter into a transfer agreement with an out-of-state hospital at the University of Michigan. Because the hospital is located 52 miles away from CCN, the Department of Health ruled that it does not meet health and safety standards.

“Without Capital Care Network, life in Toledo will be safer for women and children” said Gonidakis. “This week, our government assured all of us that women’s health and patient safety is priority number one. It is deeply troubling that some people are advocating for this illegal operation to remain open, putting women’s lives at risk.”

To read a copy of each of the orders, use the following links: Capital Care Network; Northeast Ohio Women’s Center; Planned Parenthood.