Couple Wanted Surrogate of Twins to Abort One Baby After Learning He Had Down Syndrome

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 1, 2014   |   5:41PM   |   Washington, DC

An Australian couple who was paying a woman from Thailand to carry their twin unborn babies as a surrogate asked the woman to abort one of the babies because testing had revealed one of the babies has Down Syndrome.

The couple enlisted the woman, whose family was heavily in debt, to become their surrogate and to use IVF to become pregnant. She was subsequently found to be pregnant with twins but the initial joy turned to rejection when testing showed a boy nicknamed Gammy was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

gammyThe couple wanted the mother to have an abortion, but she refused and eventually gave birth to Gammy and his twin sister in Bangkok. The couple then refused to take Gammy back with them to Australia and left him in Thailand

Now, a campaign to pay Gammy’s medical bills and provide support for him is spreading worldwide.

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A Thai surrogate mother fears for the life of a baby boy, who was abandoned by an Australian couple when they found out he had Down syndrome, after he was rushed to hospital.

Pattharamon Janbua – mother of six-month-old Gammy – was by his bedside as he battled a lung infection, according to the Thai Rath newspaper. The Bangkok-based newspaper reported Ms Janbua believed her son’s death was unavoidable.

‘I think the baby will not make it because his lung infection is too serious,’ she told a Thai Rath reporter.

gammy2Despite the $50,000 raised for her to pay for Gammy’s treatment, the reporter then gave Ms Janbua money to stay at the hospital to be with her son when she said she did not have enough money to pay for his medical attention.

Earlier on Friday, the surrogate mother was seen breaking down in tears while she spoke about how the baby she was paid to carry was rejected by the Australians.

Janbua – who already had two other children aged three and six – told the ABC she felt sorry for baby Gammy.

‘This was the adults’ fault. And who is he to endure something like this even though it’s not his fault?’ she said.

‘Why does he have to be abandoned and the other baby has it easy? ‘I chose to have him, not to hurt him.’

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Ms Janbua said she treated the six-month-old like he was one of her own children.

‘I love him, he was in my tummy for nine months, it’s like my child,’ she told the ABC.

A Hope For Gammy campaign was set up on Go Fund Me and has been inundated by donations.

The page pleads: ‘6 month old baby Gammy was born in Bangkok with down syndrome and a congenital heart condition. He was abandoned by his family and is being cared for by a young Thai woman who does not have the funds for his desperately needed medical treatment.

‘Please make a donation so that he can have these operations and improve his quality of life. All monies raised will be kept in trust and will only be used for the care and wellbeing of Gammy.’

This issue goes much further and it highlights the issue of aborting babies with Down Syndome.

LifeNews has reported frequently on the high percentage of babies who become victims of abortion.Sometimes our articles may appear as if they’re focusing on “what if” scenarios. Sadly, this story happens all too often and here is another “what is.”

This story also highlights the problem of “designer babies”, where babies are simply not wanted if they are deemed “less than perfect” and the inequalities involved in surrogacy itself.

The Thai woman in this case was said to be very unaware of what was involved, needing to have the IVF procedure explained to her at the outset.This kind of arrangement leads to the exploitation of poor, uneducated women by those who want babies via surrogacy.