Amazing Video Shows Life Before Birth: “Everything a Newborn Baby Does, a Fetus Has Already Done”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 31, 2014   |   11:44AM   |   Washington, DC

An amazing new video that appeared on the Today show shows life before birth. The pro-life movement already knows unborn babies are capable or truly astonishing things and this report confirms it.

ultrasound4d43Dr. Bill Fifer, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and a leading expert on fetal and newborn learning, appears on the program and says “Everything that a newborn baby does, a fetus has pretty much done already.”

“They’re exquisitely able to sense information over all parts of their body, although some are more sensitive than others, like around the mouth, around the feet, around the hands,” he continues.

From the report:

Experts say kicking and other activity can be a reaction to mom eating or changing positions; or it might happen just because the baby feels like moving around.

Mom’s emotions can also cause certain movements. The more stress pregnant women reported, the more frequently their fetuses touched their faces with their left hands, researchers at Durham and Lancaster universities in the UK announced last month. Their study was published in the journal “Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition.”

“This suggests maternal stress could be having on effect on the child’s behavior in the womb and highlights the importance of reducing maternal stress in pregnancy,” Dr. Nadja Reissland, the lead author, said.

The report also discusses how a new study shows even before they are born, babies are learning from experience, especially if it’s directly related to their moms. Babies before birth learn nursery rhymes from their moms while while in the womb. So much for just being blobs of tissue.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful journey into what it’s like to be an unborn baby in “Hotel Womb.”

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