Poll Shows Women are Tired of the Phony “War on Women” Mantra

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 30, 2014   |   10:16AM   |   Washington, DC

The state of Colorado is a top mid-term election battleground state with one of the hottest Senate races in the nation. The race pits pro-life Congressman Cory Gardner and his 100% pro-life voting record against pro-abortion Sen. Mark Udall and his consistent voting record in favor of unlimited abortions funded at taxpayer expense.

prolifewomen12bAlthough Udall’s abortion views are outside the mainstream of America — most polls show Americans oppose most abortions and don’t want their tax money spent funding them — Udall is using the abortion issue against Gardner.

Udall’s campaign and liberal groups are spending millions of dollars running commercials with false claims that Gardner is a top lieutenant in the “war on women” because he supposedly opposes birth control and contraption. Never mind that that’s far from the truth — Gardner wrote an op-ed months ago about how he is pro-life and pro-contraception — the ads are flooding the airwaves in Colorado.

But a new poll shows women are tired of this fake “war on women” nonsense and the false claims.

Here’s more from the Colorado Observer:

Colorado Democrats are convinced that the “war on women” tactic is a surefire election winner, but a poll released Tuesday shows that some women voters may be suffering from battle fatigue.

The right-leaning Colorado Women’s Alliance (CWA) issued the results of polling indicating that 77 percent of women voters surveyed “clearly see through the so-called Democrat ‘War on Women’ messaging strategy,” according to Magellan Strategies.

Those weren’t just staunch Republican women. The poll, conducted June 3-4, targeted 500 women viewed as swing voters: registered independents, Republican-leaning independents, and “soft” Republican voters.

The poll also found that “67 percent of respondents agree that women in America do not fear a government bureaucrat taking birth control away from them, but what they fear are politicians using the issue of access to birth control as a political tactic to scare them into a voting a certain way.”

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“Among women in the true middle segment, 68 percent agree,” said the analysis by Magellan, a Republican polling firm based in Louisville, Kentucky.

CWA executive director Debbie Brown said her group released the data in the hope that “leaders will re-focus on the broad range of issues that are top of mind for women today.”

“With all the ads on the television talking about birth control, you would think that was the top issue on the minds of women today. You would be wrong,” said Brown in a statement.