Losing the Abortion Debate, Planned Parenthood is Abandoning the Term “Pro-Choice”

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jul 29, 2014   |   12:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Because Planned Parenthood is always looking for a way to normalize abortion and make it seem mainstream, accepted and no big deal, (see their funding of the “abortion comedy” movie flop Obvious Child), their president Cecile Richards found something equally appalling to compare the ending of a child’s life to: men’s colonoscopies.

Ms. Richards was recently on PBS with Bill Moyers and talked about the recent ruling from the Supreme Court on buffer zones for abortion protestors and sidewalk counselors. Here is what she said:

proabortion13BILL MOYERS: What do you think will come from the court’s junking of the 35-foot buffer zone?

CECILE RICHARDS: Well, we’re already seeing in Massachusetts that absolutely, immediately after that decision eliminating the buffer zone we had record numbers of protesters outside of the following women all the way up to the door of our health center in Massachusetts. These are not all kindly, elderly ladies simply whispering in the ears.

And even if they were, it is the right of women in this country to be able to access healthcare that they need without harassment and without the advice of dozens of people outside their health center. I mean, can you imagine if, you know, if men in this country, before going into their doctor had to walk through a gauntlet of protesters telling them, you know, whether it’s not to get a colonoscopy or just go down the list? It’s incredible.

Imagine those signs – “Colonoscopies Exploit Men!” or “Abolish Colonoscopies” or “Pro-Men, Anti-Colonoscopy”.

As uncomfortable as a colonoscopy may be, it is a valid medical procedure that saves lives (as opposed to ending them) and is a necessary and actual medical process, something that is considered “healthcare” by the general public and medical field. On the other hand abortion takes life and is not considered healthcare – abortion hasn’t been subsidized by the government since 1976 through the Hyde Amendment until Obamacare came around.

This is a tactic that Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby need to employ to get the public on their side. But it isn’t working. In fact, the New York Times reports today that abortion advocates are pulling away from the term “pro-choice” because it doesn’t mean anything. Why? Maybe because an actual pro-choice person would want women to see ultrasounds before they decide to have an abortion or to have access to all the information they could on what abortion is, how it affects the women on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Logically, the term pro-choice just doesn’t make sense.

The abortion lobby wants to use terms like “women’s health” instead to promote abortion. But women’s health isn’t about abortion. Please. Any woman is going to see through that façade.

Women’s health isn’t about abortion – it’s about mammograms (which Planned Parenthood doesn’t do),  well visits, making sure women are eating healthy and taking care of themselves so they can take care of their families, mental well-being, work-life balance, and other things that yes, deal with reproduction, but also deal with the impressive body and inner workings of being a woman. The “right” to end the life of her child doesn’t encompass “women’s health.”

Planned Parenthood and their allies are losing. They are struggling to figure out how to articulate their position of wanting to perform as many abortions as possible in order to increase their bottom line.  They are trying to message around the fact that they exploit women and their preborn babies every day for profit.  No wonder they are on the losing end