Premature Baby is So Small She Dresses in Teddy Bear Clothes to Avoid Suffocation

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 25, 2014   |   9:19AM   |   Washington, DC

Late-term abortions are legal in nations like the United States and England, where this tiny little girl was recently born. Thankfully, she is alive and doctors are working overtime to provide her the care and medical treatment she needs.

Meet little Mia MacCormack, who weighed just 2lbs 8oz when she was born 12 weeks early. She was so small that premature baby clothes were even too big for her tiny body.

miamaccormackHer mother Emilie was terrified her daughter would suffocate in clothes too big but she soon realized that clothing from teddy bears fit Mia perfectly. Now, she shops for clothes for her daughter at Toys R Us and Build-a-Bear  until Mia is big enough to wear clothes made for tiny infant.

Here’s more on this tender story:

She said: ‘Mia fitted in the palm of my hand when she was born. I tried dressing her in baby grows with drawstrings but they were still huge, and they were all so plain and boring.

‘One afternoon I was struggling to dress her and looked up and saw a teddy bear dressed in a purple fairy dress. It seemed the perfect answer so I took it off the bear and gently put it on Mia. It fitted perfectly and I no longer panicked that she would suffocate herself.’

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After making her discovery, the single mother began taking clothes from Build-a-Bears and Baby Annabelle toys and now Mia’s wardrobe consists of outfits ranging from those for a princess to a pilot.

She even has a miniature raincoat for the bad weather.

Now at four months, Mia weighs 7lbs, the average size for a newborn. But unlike most mothers who turn to Mothercare for their children’s clothes, Miss MacCormack is still shopping in Toys R Us.

She added: ‘People always think she’s a doll, so that gave me an idea. I started buying Baby Annabelle clothes from Toys R Us because they’re the same size. Also, once she grows out of the outfits I can put them back on her teddies, so it’s cost effective too.’