Planned Parenthood’s Own Poll Found Just 58% of Women “Oppose” Hobby Lobby Decision

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 25, 2014   |   4:40PM   |   Washington, DC

So the Planned Parenthood abortion business decided to have a Democratic polling firm conduct a poll for it on the Hobby Lobby decision and the Supreme Court protecting the rights of businesses that don’t want to be forced to pay for drugs for their employees that may cause abortions.

One would think that with abortion advocates designing the questions, determining the sample of respondents and conducting the poll that a large overwhelming majority of Americans would somehow be found to oppose the Supreme Court decision.

Yet, when Planned Parenthood released the results of its survey this afternoon, it could only manage to find 58% of women “opposed” to the Hobby Lobby decision. No wonder they call it a Friday afternoon news dump — when politicos typical release the most damaging information they really don’t want most of the public to pay attention to because they’re headed out of town for the weekend.

hobbylobbybNaturally, legitimate polling conducted by reputable pollsters leads to much different conclusions about the Supreme Court decision and the pro-abortion  HHS mandate in general.

A Rasmussen poll released earlier this month shows Americans agree with the Supreme Court’s decision this week that the Christian-run Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to obey the HHS mandate that is a part of Obamacare that requires businesses to pay for abortion causing drugs in their employee health care plans.

“Half of voters agree with the U.S. Supreme Court that a business owner should be able to opt out of Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate if it violates his or her religious beliefs,” the poling firm reports about its new national survey.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters think businesses should be required by law to provide health insurance that covers all government-approved contraceptives for women without co-payments or other charges to the patient. Slightly more (47%) say companies should not be required to meet this contraceptive mandate included in the new national health care law.

Forty-nine percent (49%) believe a business should be allowed to opt out of providing coverage for contraceptives if providing such health insurance coverage violates the religious beliefs of the business’ owner. Thirty-nine percent (39%) disagree, while 12% more are undecided.

A December 2013 Rasmussen Reports poll shows Americans disagree with forcing companies like Hobby Lobby to obey the mandate.

Family Research Council (FRC) and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) released the results of a commissioned national survey showing that 59 percent of likely voters “oppose the mandate requiring the coverage of preventive care services for women which includes all FDA approved contraceptives, including drugs that can destroy a human embryo, and sterilization services without a direct cost to the patient.”

The survey found 54% of women ages 18-54 oppose the HHS/morning after pill mandate.

Another survey from 2012 shows 57 percent of Americans opposed the Obama HHS mandate, while 37 percent supported it.