Amazing Clip Of A Pregnant Woman At 36 Weeks, I Was Stunned!

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 23, 2014   |   6:17PM   |   Washington, DC

Debi and Ryan Cragun knew that people would have a hard time believing this unless they saw it for themselves. That’s why the couple created this video of their unborn son Toren giving his mother a hard time from inside the womb.

36weeksFather Ryan writes:

We probably shot close to 3 hours of footage of Toren moving inside Debi. We got some pretty good footage, but this shot – directly at her belly – is hands down the best. If you watch it closely you’ll be able to see a side profile of Toren all at once (his head is down and his legs are up).

He is facing toward the left of your screen. You’ll see a V-shape – that is one of his legs, kicking to the left. This is a clip from a much longer video (about 30 minutes) showing all the highlights. Due to YouTube posting length limitations, I’m just posting this portion.

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The video shows an entire profile of the Toren as an unborn fetus. It’s pretty remarkable footage of a baby moving inside the uterus and probably the best footage I’ve seen of a child moving inside it’s mother’s belly.