Volunteer to Escort Women From Their Car to the Abortion Clinic and You Can Get a Free Vest

National   |   Carole Novielli   |   Jul 22, 2014   |   9:32AM   |   Washington, DC

Want to know where all those pro-choice abortion clinic escorts get their vests?












Well, I have the answer.

The Clinic Vest Project says they are, “a friendly place to request advice, sample training materials, and most of all free vests, for those who wish to start a clinic escort group in their city.”

Wow FREE DeathScort vests! How generous.

The Clinic Vest Project provides this e-mail on their Facebook page to anyone seeking pro-abortion escort vests: [email protected] – so contact them to let them know what you think.


















































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According to the radically pro-abortion website: Abortion Gang, The Clinic Vest Project is a project started by Clinic Escort Organizer and Pro-Choice Activist Benita Ulisano Co Chair of the Illinois Choice Action.

Asked how they get the word out about the Abortion Clinic Vest project- they responded that they use through social media and word of mouth.

LifeNews Note: Carole Novielli is the author of the blog Saynsumthn, where this article originally appeared.