These Buildings Used to Be Abortion Clinics, What They Do Now is Amazing

National   |   Kelsey Hazzard   |   Jul 21, 2014   |   9:39AM   |   Washington, DC

Years ago, I encountered a piece in Feminism & Nonviolence Studies entitled “Feminist, Prolife, and Atheist,” by Kathryn Reed. At the time, I had no idea that atheism was in my future. What really stuck with me was not the title, or even the body of the article, but one of the subheadings: “Converting Abortion Clinics To Peacetime Use.”

The idea of “peacetime use” has been on my mind a lot lately, as the pro-life movement has seen a record number of abortion businesses close in recent months. On a whim, I thought I’d put together a list showing how some former abortion sites are now being used. In chronological order:

  • Central Women’s Services: This former abortion facility in Wichita is now the headquarters of Operation Rescue, a nationwide anti-abortion organization. The building also houses a pregnancy resource center.









  • Ob/Gyn Associates: This Green Bay, WI practice was bought out by Bellin Health Systems, which ceased abortions at the site. Bellin offers a wide range of non-lethal healthcare for women.








  • Atlantic Women’s Medical Services: Notorious abortionist (now convicted felon) Kermit Gosnell spent some of his time at this Wilmington, DE facility, although he is most infamous for his activities in Philadelphia. The building has been purchased by Lutheran Community Services, which plans to turn it into its new headquarters, providing “low-income families with emergency food, housing assistance and clothing.” They are currently renovating the facility to suit this peacetime purpose.



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  • Planned Parenthood of Lubbock, TX: This facility closed just a few months ago, in April 2014. The site will be transformed into a learning center for children with disabilities. Like Atlantic Women’s Medical Services, renovation is still ongoing.











  • Center for Choice: This Toledo, OH abortion center closed in June of 2013. The property is on the market for just under $200K. Any takers? (As an aside, I assume they tried to clean up before taking photos for the listing, but wow those floors look nasty.)













Abortion Docs has a long list of abortion centers that have closed in recent years. Unfortunately, finding out how those properties are being used today is harder than you might think; Google and Yahoo search results typically still bring up the abortion center, even years after closing. (Google street view is hopelessly out of date too.) Internet sleuths, if you want a challenge, please help me add to this post! Share your finds with us at our web site below.
LifeNews Note: Kelsey Hazzard is the head of Secular Pro-Life.