As Prince George Turns 1, Remembering When the World Knew an Unborn Baby Was a Baby

International   |   Maria Vitale Gallagher   |   Jul 21, 2014   |   5:32PM   |   London, England

Sometimes it takes a prince to show us our humanity.

This week’s People magazine features a cover photo of Great Britain’s Prince George. His Royal Highness is turning 1—an occasion marked by a grand family celebration.

princegeorgeIt is interesting that a baby’s face graces a magazine called People, in a country that, under the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, denies the humanity of the unborn child during all nine months of pregnancy. His plump cheek visage could also easily make him a candidate for People’s celebrated “Most Beautiful People” issue.

People is a bible of pop culture, and I think it’s appropriate to applaud the media when they get it right. It is altogether right to herald a little prince’s birthday, along with the possibility of a royal sibling. Entertainment journalists should also be appropriately credited with coining the term “baby bump,” which is a little homage to the developing child.

But the pro-life movement should be credited as well. For, despite Roe’s decades-long reign, “fetus bump” just hasn’t caught on. And one would have to think it’s due to more than just a lack of alliteration.

Recognizing the nobility of a child is just a human thing to do. Despite the efforts of the abortion industry to dehumanize an unborn baby…to compare pregnancy with nursing a toothache…and to sever the ties between mother and preborn child…abortion practitioners have yet to completely overtake culture and country.

Each celebration of babies…each recognition of baby bumps…every photo of a most beautiful pregnant woman is actually a victory for the pro-life side. No court can overrule popular expressions of reverence for life.

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When advocates of abortion are trumpeting abortion-without-limits bills…when politicians champion “choice” without saying what the choice is…when the President claims that the anniversary of Roe is something to celebrate rather than a tragedy to mourn…it can be difficult to remember these small victories.

But, in the end, each small victory brings us closer to the day when every unborn child will be viewed as a prince or princess under the law.