Mother Pregnant With Her 10th Child Refuses Cancer Treatment and Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 18, 2014   |   12:15PM   |   Washington, DC

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.“A mom who is pregnant with her 10th child and who is refusing cancer treatment so she will not harm or cause the death of her unborn baby exemplifies this Biblical passage.

Meet Donielle Wilde. She and her husband Keith are expecting their 10th child, who is now 17 weeks old. Donielle had breast cancer in the past; it has returned and metastasized.

doniellewildeBravely, she is refusing cancer treatment so her unborn child will not be harmed even though her Oncologist and doctors are asking her to have an abortion; which she keeps refusing.  Because of her courage, her doctors are beginning to “come around” to realize she is not going to jeopardize her baby.

In April we were surprised to find out we were expecting our tenth child after successfully practicing NFP,” Wilde tells “It was unexpected but not unwanted.”

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“During a 9-week pregnancy ultrasound, my pro-life OBGYN discovered a 5cm ovarian tumor. If I wasn’t pregnant we wouldn’t had found it so soon. I had no idea it was there, I had no pain,” she explains. “Our little baby was what shed light on what was happening in the dark. I had been in remission for breast cancer for nine years. The doctor was suspicious of the tumor and scheduled me for surgery three weeks later because the 2nd trimester was safest for the baby. The tumor was successfully removed and was positive for breast cancer stage IV.

I then had a CAT Scan that revealed I have several pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. I was immediately started on an injectable blood thinner,” Wilde continues. “We were referred to a breast oncologist to discuss treatment options. He presented us with option A: abort baby, have surgery and start aggressive chemotherapy.

doniellewilde2“He explained that the placenta was producing such large amounts of hormones which were like fertilizer to this type of cancer and the risk was significant. Without any hesitation we refused. Abortion is not an option regardless of my health risk I could never kill my baby so I could live longer. He reminded us we had 9 other children at home who all needed their mother. Our answer remained “no”. We were then given option B: start chemotherapy during pregnancy. We refused that option also,” she recalls.

Wilde said she has been told that chemo is safe during pregnancy but “any time you place chemicals into your body you are placing your child at risk and even possible miscarriage.”

“We are not willing to risk our child’s life regardless of how slight the risk. Once our baby is born I will start aggressive chemo treatments and whatever else is recommended,” she tells LifeNews.

She told LifeNews: “We are grateful to God for the miracles He has already blessed us with… the cancer was found, the tumor successfully removed, it wasn’t ovarian cancer, blood clots were found and being treated, baby is thriving and we feel overcome by a heavenly peace.”

Wilde concludes: “clots were found and being treated, baby is thriving and we feel overcome by a heavenly peace. We don’t have any fear, anxiety or stress. It’s not a “horrible” situation. We feel the complete opposite. When striving to resign your free will to Gods divine will the soul is overcome by a joy in knowing He is living within you, guiding each step. His closeness is undeniable. When staying united to Him their is no room for fear, anxiety or stress to occupy the soul. Remaining close to the sacraments cultivate this relationship, animating it to give you the strength, joy and peace that comes only from above.