Father’s Touching Diary to Premature Baby He Feared Would Not Survive Goes Viral

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 11, 2014   |   6:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Daisy-Mae Little was born on December 1, 103 days before her due date. Her parents Wayne and Jenny feared their newborn daughter would not survive after she was rushed to special care so, to help get support for her from friends and family, her father Wayne Little started a Facebook diary to chronicle her journey.

His effort has gone viral and the Facebook page he made now has over 16,000 fans, all of whom are curious to know more about the development of this little girl.

daisymae3Charting his tiny daughter’s fight to survive, he has written more than 100,000 words to her that have culminated in a book called Little Daisy-Mae: The Girl Who Couldn’t Wait. The book will be available from September 13 to raise money for charity and help other parents with premature babies.

Little said: “She’s blooming now and it’s only the beginning” of her journey.

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Mr Little and his wife Jenny, 35, from Dudley in the West Midlands, were over the moon to discover in June 2013, that they were expecting.

He said: ‘Finding out Jenny was pregnant was the best news we could’ve wished for, we had got married in March last year and started trying for a baby straight away.

‘Sadly the first time Jenny fell pregnant she miscarried at five weeks so we were both ecstatic to find out she was pregnant again and so soon after.

‘The pregnancy was pretty straightforward but, after the 20-week scan we decided we wanted to know the sex of the baby and were delighted to find out we were having a beautiful little girl.

daisymae2‘We decided my daughter, Olivia-Mae, 12, could chose the name and she settled on Daisy so now it was just a waiting game until she was born.’

At 25 weeks, just seven days after a baby can legally be terminated, Mrs Little began to feel excruciating pain surge through her stomach. The Little’s were just about to leave for a family party but they made a detour to the hospital for a quick check up.

Mr Little, said: ‘We arrived at the hospital and after an examination I could tell something was wrong. The midwife tried to act calm so we didn’t worry, but the cramps were getting worse. Just after midnight Jenny was offered pethidine to help ease the pain.

After a rollercoaster 13 weeks, the couple were finally able to bring their baby girl home.

daisymaeMr Little said: ‘Daisy-Mae finally made it to the top of her mountain and I’m so proud of her. My way of coping was to write a diary to her. A diary from your daddy to the girl who couldn’t wait. But then I realised how concerned our family and friends were so I began writing one on Facebook too, so everyone could see how she was doing.

We watched Daisy-Mae stop breathing over 12 times, have four blood transfusions and an albumin transfusion.

‘We were so terrified each time something went wrong, but the number of followers on my Facebook diary had soared.

‘We now had people from all over the world sending their thoughts and prayers which helped us to stay positive. I don’t know how we would’ve coped without them.

‘We’ve even been sent presents from all over the UK and from people around the world including Canada and Australia.

‘Midwives, professors and students are now using Daisy-Mae’s journey to help educate other women and mothers about premature babies.’