Chinese Couple Sells Their Children to Buy Online Video Games

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 11, 2014   |   4:07PM   |   Beijing, China

We frequently report here at LifeNews how abortion has led to a society that devalues the lives of children – born or unborn. Here is another story that makes that case.

In this case, two video game-obsessed parents allegedly sold their kids to child traffickers and used the money to buy fictional items in online games. The  couple reportedly had an unplanned son and had no intention of supporting the child financially. So they sold him.

china9After they became pregnant again, the couple began worrying about the money the husband was devoting to his online gaming habit and once again they wouldn’t be able to support a child and considered selling that baby.

The husband’s father reported his son and his daughter-in-law to local authorities and now the couple has been arrested and are awaiting trial.

From the report:

During an interview with Guangdong TV from a local detention center, the couple said that their first child wasn’t planned. The father, A Hui, said that he had no intention of financially supporting the child, so they sold him to Fujian-based child traffickers. His partner, A Mei, fell pregnant again, where he explained: “[A Hui] likes buying items in online games, and he likes staying out all night at internet cafes”.

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This meant that most of their finances were being funneled into A Hui’s gaming life, so it meant the second child couldn’t be supported. They then sold him to traffickers. The traffickers in China sell children to couples who want to be parents, street gangs and street peddlers, and even to orphanages where they put them up for adoption overseas. A Hui’s father was aware of what was going on, and in the end reported the couple to the police. The two were arrested, and are now awaiting trial and sentencing for the crime of selling children.