Doctors Recommended Abortion Because He Was Disabled, Now Watch Kayden Take His First Steps

National   |   Liberty Pike   |   Jul 9, 2014   |   4:45PM   |   Washington, DC

Doctors know best. Right?

They are the ones with years of medical school, residency and professional practice under their belts. They are the ones who actually read those massive anatomy and physiology books the rest of us just skimmed in college. They are the ones who know the human body inside and out. So they know best, right?

kayden2Just because someone has letters after their name doesn’t mean they are God. They can only know what science tells them, and a cold hard diagnosis out of a medical textbook isn’t the whole story.

Nikkie Sessoms and her family learned this firsthand. Doctors said their son Kayden Elijah Kinckle had omphalocele, an abdominal wall defect where internal organs are outside of the body. More than half of all babies born with omphalocele have other birth defects, including brain, spine, heart, gastrointestinal issues, and genitourinary problems. Kayden also had his umbilical cord wrapped around his feet, binding them under his mother’s pelvic bone, making the doctors concerned for his spine, hips and feet. Knowing this, the doctors told the Sessoms they should end his life through abortion.

The Sessoms, like so many other brave parents before them, said no. Unwilling to play god, they decided instead to trust God and place Kayden in His hands. Nikki said: “I still continued with the pregnancy even though I was warned against it and told that my son wouldn’t walk and would have many problems. But God said everything would be alright.”

It was the right choice. Kayden was born early and the omphalocele was not as big as expected. His spine, hips and mind were all healthy, too! Kayden is now a happy two-year old. He did have to have his right foot and left leg amputated but was fitted with prosthetics. The boy who was never supposed to walk, let alone live through pregnancy, is now taking his first steps.

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A benefit is being held for Kayden at the Logan Family Learning Center in Hackensack, NJ on August 23. You can go to the Facebook page his family set up here to follow along on his heroic journey.

No matter what the doctors say, they aren’t always right. And even if their diagnosis is spot on, no one can know the impact even the shortest lives can have on this earth. Kayden is living proof.