NOW Calls Little Sisters of the Poor “Dirty,” Claims Nuns Use Religion to Attack Women

National   |   Christine Rousselle   |   Jul 8, 2014   |   11:05AM   |   Washington, DC

The National Organization of Women (NOW) has compiled a list of what they’re calling the “Dirty 100” — organizations who have filed suit against the HHS Contraception Mandate.

One of the “Dirty 100” organizations that NOW claims is simply “using religion” to discriminate against women, is, in fact, a group of Catholic religious sisters called the Little Sisters of the Poor.

littlesisters2The Little Sisters of the Poor take vows to tend to the needs of the elderly poor. They are opposed to providing contraception to their employees as contraception violates the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Little Sisters of the Poor are not considered to be a “religious employer” and exempt from the mandate as they employ and care for people of all faith backgrounds.

NOW’s website also attacks Catholicism for the Church’s stance against contraception:

There is still an opportunity for Catholic Church leaders to reverse their mistaken and even cruel position on contraception, joining the modern world and perhaps regaining respect from the laity and the rest of the world.

Nothing quite says a “force for women’s rights” like attacking a group of women, am I right?

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