Top Abortion Activist: It’s Okay To Kill Baby Girls in Sex-Selection Abortions

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Jul 7, 2014   |   10:36AM   |   London, England

Once again, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service has shown that it considers easy access to abortion to be more important than justice, the law, or even women themselves. 

News emerged over the weekend that this UK-based, tax-funded organization has published a pamphlet entitled “Britain’s Abortion Law, What It Says and Why”.  One of the questions set out in the pamphlet asks “Is abortion for reasons of sex illegal under the Abortion Act?”

According to the BPAS pamphlet, the answer is “No.  The law is silent on the matter.”

sexselectionabortionThankfully, the fact that this is utter misleading has made it into the public spectrum, with several parties setting the record straight and pointing out that the British Government position is that gender-based abortions are against the law.

We shouldn’t be too surprised at this latest outburst from the BPAS.  They have gained a reputation for pushing boundaries that even hardened pro-choice campaigners would find difficult to defend. In 2013, the Chief Executive Officer of the BPAS, Ann Furedi, made it clear that in her opinion, a woman who was carrying a baby girl and did not want to give birth to her should have the same right to abortion as one who is pregnant due to rape or failed contraception.

While pro-life advocates would not accept that abortion is any kind of remedy or comfort to a woman who has been raped, the whole idea of allowing abortion simply because the gender of the baby is deemed “not the right one” doesn’t sit well with even those who support abortion for hard cases.  It also shows the hypocrisy of the tired mantra that abortion is in any way good for women – we know from international studies that in some countries, baby girls are deemed less valuable than baby boys and as such, are much more likely to fall victim to gender-based abortion.  This is also a huge problem in China, where the One-Child policy means that baby girls are also under serious risk.

And this is a problem which is becoming more and more serious – a 2012 undercover investigation by the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Britain found that some doctors are willing to facilitate gender-based abortion despite the position of the law.  If the BPAS is allowed to continue with its own brand of misinformation, such abuses will become more and more widespread.

The real issue here of course, is the latest attempt by the BPAS to further extend access to abortion across the UK.  If it means that they have to try and normalize the grossly inhumane and anti-feminist practice of gender-based abortion, then so be it.  We shouldn’t be surprised.  This is not the first time that the BPAS have pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable.

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In November 2013, hot on the heels of the Irish Government’s introduction of misleading and inhumane abortion legislation, the BPAS ran an advertisement in a national newspaper, the Irish Times, commenting on the number of women travelling from Ireland to Britain for abortions each year and implying that they were not being looked after in this country.  It was entirely predictable that the BPAS would seek to exploit the misinformation being spread by the Irish Government at the time.  Unfortunately, it was also predictable that the BPAS would ignore those facts that didn’t suit their propaganda – for example, the fact that the number of women travelling to Britain from Ireland has been consistently falling every year for the past 12 years.  Or the fact that during that time, the number of women who report experiencing regrets over their abortion has consistently risen.  Needless to say too, the BPAS has no interest in addressing or even acknowledging the humanity of the unborn child as they continue with their efforts to have any barrier to full abortion for any reason and at any time during pregnancy removed.

In the course of its work and advertising, the BPAS likes to present itself as a group that cares for women and their babies.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and this latest support for gender-based abortion is proof of that.  As pro-life campaigners, we can take heart from the fact that this represents a slip-up by the BPAS who have revealed the anti-woman sentiment at the heart of their campaign.