Pregnant Woman Smokes 20 Cigarettes a Day and Drinks Because She Wanted a Girl

International   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Jul 3, 2014   |   10:11AM   |   London, England

Last we heard of Josie Cunningham, she had decided against her abortion. The wannabe celebrity, a model and known for planning to abort her child so that she could appear on Big Brother, and for having breast enhancement surgery paid for by the NHS, has certainly been prone to drama.

And there’s more of it when it comes to her pregnancy. Although in an interview discussing her ultimate decision not to abort, Cunningham mentioned that she was trying to quit smoking and drinking, she is still at it. And it has to do with the sex of her child.
josiecunningham4Cunningham, who already has two sons, was so disheartened to hear that she would be having another boy, that she compared her children to car models:

She says: “If you’ve already got a couple of Fords and you’re told your next car is going to be an Audi, your excitement goes through the roof.

“You make promises to yourself that you won’t smoke inside the car or let people eat takeaway food in it. But if it was another Ford those things wouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s the same for me with the smoking and drinking when pregnant with a girl as opposed to a boy.

What’s even more tragic is that Josie would have gone through the abortion if she knew ahead of time she was having a boy. She claimed that she thought she was having a girl, though. Sex-select abortions are more known for being committed against girls, for cultural reasons, in places like China and India, and even in Canada, amongst those who are from such countries but have moved. Live Action also did a whole investigative series about sex-select abortions, showing abortion clinics had no problem going along with such a procedure, even in states where sex-select abortions are illegal.

Josie’s sex-select abortion would be illegal, as The Mirror points out. But Josie also pointed out that she feels she is not the only mother who feels this way about the sex of her child:

And she claims she is not the only mum to feel this way.

She says: “Deep down I know a lot of people are disappointed when they discover the sex of the child. The difference is I’m not scared to admit it.”

The Mirror includes further statements from Josie, who admits that she isn’t taking care of herself much anymore and is certainly open about her disappointment, in interviews and on social media. And while she also claims in the interview that she feels she will be loving towards her child once he is born.

As many have regarded Josie as selfish and immature, and perhaps rightly so, her situation is certainly complex.  Had she gone through with the abortion of her unborn child, for the primary purpose of fame, it would have demonstrated just how ridiculous some reasons for an abortion can be, as well as the behavior of those complicit in it. Had she gone through with a sex-select abortion, it would have shown that the practice is also used against unborn little boys. But, when Josie chose to keep her child and not go through with the abortion, even though it was before she found out the sex, there seemed to be a bit of hope that the message against abortion could get through to anyone. Perhaps this hope may stay through and continue as Josie finds the strength to drop her drinking and smoking as she prepares for her son’s birth, and that she loves and mothers him no matter what.

And as dramatic and outlandish as Josie’s pregnancy and other theatrics may be, let us remember that her son will at least get to be born. If she is true to her statements about loving him and letting her motherly instincts kick in, this mother-son relationship can perhaps be a testament of those who don’t regret choosing life while so many regret choosing to abort their children.