Family of Girl Allegedly Kicked Out of KFC Over Scars on Her Face Turns Down KFC’s $30K Donation

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 3, 2014   |   4:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Remember the little girl who was in the news recently because she was allegedly kicked out of a KFC restaurant after customers were “freaked out” about the scarring on her face from a vicious dog attack?

KFC did a great job of responding to what happened, apologizing and giving her $30,000 towards medical bills. Then, news reports surfaced that it was all a hoax designed to get money to pay for three-year-old Victoria Wilcher’s medical bills. The family has received over $135,000 in donations as well as offers for free surgeries and medical care.

Now, news reports indicate Victoria’s family has turned down the $30,000 KFC offered.

kfcThe family of a 3-year-old girl who was allegedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her facial scars were “upsetting” other customers has turned down a $30,000 donation offered by the fast-food chain.

In an earlier interview, KFC told Yahoo News it was committed to making the donation toward Victoria Wilcher’s recovery, even after two independent investigations concluded that the alleged incident never occurred.

However, a lawyer representing family members said they have decided to decline the donation.

“We just didn’t feel right about accepting their money,” the family’s attorney, Bill Kellum, said in an interview with the Clarion-Ledger. “But we did tell them they were more than welcome to donate the money to the Frank Stile Foundation.”

Stile, a plastic surgeon, has agreed to pay for Wilcher’s surgery without charge. His foundation helps raise money to provide medical procedures and other services for children in need.

Another Florida surgeon has agreed to create a plastic eye for the young girl. Meanwhile, the crowdfunding site GoFundMe said it was close to releasing more than $100,000 in donations that have been raised for Wilcher’s recovery.

“The family is committed to having the money put in a discretionary trust account for Victoria with a third-party, non-family member designated as the trustee,” Kellum told the Clarion-Ledger. “They want to make sure every cent goes toward Victoria getting better.”

Wilcher was severely injured in April when several pit bulls belonging to her grandfather, Donald Mullins, attacked the girl.

One of the tragedies i this case is that there are many cases of legitimate discrimination against people who are disabled or disfigured. Sadly, this case may put those genuine cases in a bad light, with the public or employees of an establishment thinking the victim is crying wolf.