Gosnell Worker Who Said Baby “Jumped” When I Snipped Her Neck in Abortion Heads to Prison

National   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Jun 30, 2014   |   3:50PM   |   Philadelphia, PA

It’s been over three years since the release of a Grand Jury report documenting the horrors of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic, and since he and his wife and several workers were charged. The late-term abortionist was convicted of over 229 accounts of violating the state’s abortion laws in Pennsylvania. He is currently serving consecutive life sentences for three accounts of first-degree murder. The jury in the case reached a decision last May, and Gosnell was able to escape the death penalty to serve his sentences without the possibility of parole in return for not appealing his sentence.

Over a year later, this case has finally come to an end, at least when it comes to the court room. The last two of the eight charged workers were just recently sentenced by Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner, as Philly.com reports.

lyndawilliamsAfter pleading guilty, Lynda Williams, 45, was sentenced to five to 10 years for two accounts of third-degree murder. Williams dropped out of high school in ninth-grade and certainly should not have been tasked to provide anesthesia to patients, among other tasks which she performed. Sure enough, in 2009, a patient Karnamaya Mongar died from a fatal drug overdose. The grand jury makes noteworthy comments about Williams, with regards to her skill level, or lack thereof:

Lynda Williams and Sherry West, by all accounts the least competent and most careless of Gosnell’s unlicensed and unqualified crew, were supposed to medicate and attend to Mrs. Monger in the “recovery room,” where she awaited her procedure.  Gosnell assigned Williams this duty even though Kareema Cross had warned him, at least a year earlier, that Williams did not know what she was doing and that she routinely overmedicated patients.  Randy Hutchins also spoke to Gosnell about Williams anesthetizing patients in Gosnell’s absence.  Gosnell assured him that “Williams was a trained professional and that it was not a problem.”

The other tragic account of third-degree murder involved a baby surviving an abortion, only to have her spinal cord sliced Williams. The defendant said she was trained by Gosnell to commit such a procedure and that this baby “jumped” when she snipped her neck.

As the Philly.com piece mentions, “Williams’ case proved… problematic.” Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron had actually asked for 10 to 20 years in prison, while the defense attorney called the request “outrageous.” Williams had cooperated with her testimony, and also had “personal problems [which] made her vulnerable to Gosnell…” Williams is described as being a widow with three children who met Gosnell at the Wilmington abortion clinic where he worked. She was hired, but was also treated for her bipolar illness by Gosnell, who also faced drug-related charges.

The receptionist at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society clinic, Tammy Baldwin, was also sentenced by Lerner, to 30 months’ probation for pleading guilty to sustaining a corrupt organization, conspiracy and corrupting a minor. She was similar to Williams with her history of personal problems and both women were actually typical with regards to Gosnell’s hiring practices. Gosnell not only took advantage of poor women (and foreign ones, as is the case with Karnamaya Mongar), but those who worked under him. Both women had received little education and agreed to work “under the table” to receive cash, in addition to having such personal problems.

Baldwin told the judge that she was “…sorry for the things [she] did.”

A graphic created by the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which was shared by their Facebook in light of the Gosnell trial, states that Gosnell’s clinic committed 40,136 abortions from 1988-2009. While the trial dealt with only a very small few of those abortions, pro-lifers may hope that justice has been achieved in at least some sense. But, although the sentencing may be done, there are still wounds which will never heal.

The babies Gosnell aborted without any regard, some even killed during an act of brutal post-abortion infanticide, are not coming back. Desiree Hawkins will also have to live her life, not only with the regret of her abortion which was performed by Gosnell, but in knowing that one of the many jars of feet he kept of aborted babies contains her baby’s feet. And Karnamaya Mongar will not get to know all the good things the United States has to offer, which surely could not have been experienced in the four brief months in which she was in this country. We can hope that as much as it may not seem to be the case, justice has been served and that the death of those whom Gosnell is serving his life sentences for can represent all the death and pain he has caused.