Staunch Vegan Mom Arrested for Refusing to Bottle Feed Her Severely Dehydrated Baby

State   |   Josh Brahm   |   Jun 26, 2014   |   12:59PM   |   Tallahassee, FL

WKMG is reporting that a Florida mother has been arrested on child neglect charges for refusing to bottle feed her baby who was diagnosed at a hospital as dehydrated. Sarah Anne Markham allegedly refused to feed formula to her baby because of a staunch vegan stance.

Watch the WKMG video below and continue reading the report below.

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veganmomAccording to Florida police, a pediatrician told Markham that her baby was dehydrated and losing weight, and to take the baby to the hospital right away.

Instead, Markham went home. According to My News 13, the Department of Children and Families received a tip via the abuse hotline that Markham did not take the baby to the hospital, and that the child was also losing weight.

Markham refused to answer the door when police arrived at her house. The police used a locksmith to break into the apartment and was told by Markham that she was waiting for a second opinion from a “natural” or “vegan” doctor, although she couldn’t provide any information about him to police, including his name.

Markham also told police that she did not feed her baby any of the formula her doctor provided because she believes that there are animal parts in it. Markham did buy some organic soy formula and the police asked her if a doctor had confirmed that it was safe for the baby. Markham’s response was allegedly that the soy formula was bought at a Whole Foods Market and that means it must not have animal parts, thus it must be safe.

I haven’t seen anything yet that would explain why Markham didn’t choose to breastfeed her baby.

Markham promised the police that she would take her baby to the hospital, but an hour later they were both still at home. It was at this point that she was placed under arrest for child neglect.

According to the WKMG report, the police said that while en route to jail, Markham had a carefree attitude, even though she was told that she was not going to be allowed to see her child until a court hearing.

The baby is now in state custody and receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Markham bonded out of jail and will be arraigned in August.

LifeNews will follow this story. I think it might turn into another court battle over a child’s right to basic care over a parent’s right to parent their children using whatever religious beliefs they hold.