She Was Attacked for Not Aborting Her Baby With No Eyes, Now He’s Had a Miracle Surgery

National   |   Josh Brahm   |   Jun 23, 2014   |   6:06PM   |   Washington, DC

LifeNews printed a story last year about an amazing mom and her awesome son, Christian. When Lacey was pregnant with Christian he was diagnosed with fetal abnormalities. christian7Lacey and her husband didn’t even know if Christian would survive until birth. Christian survived the pregnancy and was born with no eyes and a cleft palate.

We reported on the story last year because a lot of offensive comments were being made about children with disabilities.  Pro-life Congresswoman Jaime Herrera and her unborn child with Potter’s Syndrome were the target of disgusting comments from individuals who do not believe that her baby deserves life or love.

Similarly, Bill Maher had recently called Trig Palin “retarded” (a comment which gleaned approval from members of The View cast).

Lacey made a beautiful video telling her story in her own words that you can watch below:

Now a year later, Lacey and Christian are still going strong!

In a blog post explaining why she and her husband are approving reconstructive surgeries for Christian but not cosmetic ones, Lacey describers her love for her son. “Before he was born, I dreamed of this child, I imagined myself holding him and kissing his sweet little cheeks. I prayed for this child, so fervently, that God would allow him to live and me to raise him. I loved this child, with a passion that I have yet to be able to adequately put into words. I carried this child inside of my body, a bond that is indescribable.”











Image from Lacey and Christian’s Facebook page

Just two months ago Christian had a surgery for his cleft palate. This surgery was especially schristian6cary for Lacey.

She wrote, “I will be honest when I say that I was scared out of my mind this time around. I’m scared every time, but this time was more intense. This time I knew that there was a greater chance (however small) that A`when I handed Christian over to the nurse that I might never see him again. I know that is always a risk you take when there is surgery, but this time the risk was so much more real. This time there were sobs instead of just silent tears.  And as I handed him over, I told him how much I love him, knowing that it could be my very last chance to say it to him.”

The surgery ultimately went so well, there were things about it the doctor couldn’t explain. Lacey says it was a miracle and tells the whole story at this blog post.