Daughter of Abortion Activist Charged with Murder in Beating Death of 3-Year Old

State   |   Mark Gietzen   |   Jun 20, 2014   |   11:11AM   |   Wichita, KS

The late Paul Harvey used to say: “Ah, but here is the rest of the story!”

If you live in Wichita, Kansas, and paid any attention to the local news, you would know all about the abuse and eventual murder of a beautiful 3-year old child named, Emma Jean Krueger.

The parents of this child are now in jail, charged with 1st Degree Murder. What you may not know, however, is that this murdered child is the granddaughter of the late Candy Krueger, a once vile and mean-spirited pro-abortion escort (deathscort) who died in 2005, at the age of 51, most likely from suicide. (Candy’s cause of death has never been published to my knowledge. However, within a month prior to her death, Candy had repeatedly mentioned suicide in her arguments and verbal exchanges with pro-life volunteers, in ways that made it clear that she was thinking about suicide.)

emmakruegerCandy was more than just another pro-abortion person in Wichita; she was the organizer, and the one who motivated other hate-filled abortion escorts who were as regular as the pro-life people, at showing up at every imaginable event prior to her 2005 death. The only thing that Candy had in common with the pro-life volunteers in Wichita was that she was always trying to convert others to her way of thinking.

Candy ‘enjoyed’ and even ‘celebrated’ abortion. She seemed to be personally invested in each abortion-death that she was involved in. I never understood what drove Candy to do what she did, or why she would say the nasty things that she would spew at the pro-life sidewalk counselors. It was certainly more than just money that motivated her.

In addition to being at the gate of the Tiller Abortion facility, Candy regularly taunted the pro-life sidewalk counselors at the Central Street Abortion Mill, prior to that building becoming the headquarters for Operation Rescue.

At some events, Candy would have her child, Monica Krueger, with her, just as Julie Burkhart, the current owner of the South Wind Abortion Facility, which operates out of the old Tiller Late-Term Abortion building, had her 15-year old daughter with her this past week, as she went about her business of killing innocent unborn babies.

Candy Krueger and Julie Burkhart were partners and close acquaintances during the Tiller years, up until Candy’s death in 2005. Since Candy Krueger’s death, the pro-abortion escort group in Wichita has not amounted to a hill-of-beans… in comparison to what they once were.

Now, Candy is gone and her daughter, Monica Krueger, sits in jail along with her boyfriend, both charged with 1st Degree Murder of their beautiful 3-year old child.

The written law and the legal system will judge Monica as if she had the same upbringing as a normal person, and that is as it must be.

However, I wonder if a child raised by someone like Candy Krueger really has a fair chance at a normal life…

Does it take a village to kill a child?

The group, Bikers Against Child Abuse, was at the funeral today for the 3-Year old Emma Jean Krueger. They were there to call attention to the tragedy of child abuse, in the hope that it will not happen again. I applaud them for taking positive action. However, while doing so, I wonder how many of them know why Monica Krueger may have different values and ideas about the rights and worth of a child?

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What is abortion… if not the most extreme example of child abuse?

If you were raised by parents who loved you, and taught you to love and value all human life, then please take a few minutes today to thank God for that!

In any case, please say a prayer for Monica Krueger, and for her deceased mother and daughter. Life is not fair for everyone. No one ever claimed that it would be. Here is the sad obituary:

Krueger, Emma Jean, 3, received her wings on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. Memorial Services, 11 am, Saturday, June 14, Central Community Church, 6100 W. Maple. Emma is preceded in death by her grandmother, Candy Krueger. Survivors include her mother, Monica Krueger; aunts, Tiffany Rufe (Jason Rufe) and Meghan Lloyd (Ronnie Lloyd); uncles, Shawn Smith and Scott Hecht, Jr.; great-uncle, Randy Krueger; great-grandparents, Ralph and Marianne Krueger; grandparents, Tom and Connie Lykins, Scott Hecht, Kenny and Jerry Bean; cousins, Jacob, Lexi, and Evan Rufe, Tanner Krummrey. Memorials to: B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse). Share online condolences at www.CozineMemorial.com. Services by Broadway Mortuary