You’ll be Surprised How Little This Planned Parenthood Activist Knows About Science, Or Not

Opinion   |   Jonathon Van Maren   |   Jun 19, 2014   |   5:00PM   |   Washington, DC

You know what’s usually good for a painful chuckle? When those advocating for abortion pretend that science supports their position.

That is why footage of a debate on “personhood” at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado between Planned Parenthood’s college outreach group, “Advocates for Choice” and pro-life opponents in October of 2010 was so revealing. It’s an old video, but I stumbled across it the other day and it’s just as grimly humorous the second time around.

plannedparenthood53The intentional stupidity is not particularly surprising, mind you—I once debated a pro-“choice” student politician who preferred to say that rape could be condoned rather than recognizing that abortion kills a baby—yay feminism!–but revealing nonetheless.

The following quotes are typed verbatim from the video, which can be found here.

“We are not going to try and use science or evidence. The fact of the matter is that this is opinion. We all have our own beliefs about when life begins. Science is not ultimate truth. That’s why it’s science. It’s always being studied. It’s always being taught and retaught and rearticulated. So to insinuate that this science is ultimate truth in the matter of what is human life is illegitimate.”

It is interesting to note that science is tossed out the door when it does not serve the interests of the agenda that supposedly science-worshipping pro-“choice” crowd hold. It is even more interesting to hear the moral relativists of Planned Parenthood calibre using terms such as “truth.”

“What is in a body that cannot function outside its host is not a child.”

This is an obviously absurd statement—besides the fact that location does not dictate what you are, the use of the word “host” would indicate that the speaker believes the child to be a parasite rather than (obviously) human offspring of human parents. One might even say that this statement is “untrue.”

“It’s a matter of reproductive choice. The living, breathing, sentient being that has control over her body is the one we listen to, not science.”

Finally, a statement that is at least honest—abortion activists don’t care if science proves that they are dismembering and disemboweling a pre-born child. They only care about the whims of the woman, or a “living, breathing, sentient being.” (Incidentally, the pre-born child is both living and breathing. As for sentience—look who’s talking.)

“Science cannot be applied to my body.”

I think this statement speaks for itself. Planned Parenthood has clearly reached a level of intellectual ability that lacks, shall we say, “sentience.”

“We’re talking about science as if it is something that is absolutely concrete, like there is absolute proof that there is life and there is not life and all that stuff like that. Their researchers say that the heart beats at 21 days. There’s people on our side and research that says that the heart doesn’t beat until 24 weeks. It’s completely different.”

There are not any reputable medical professionals, biologists, or any other living, breathing, sentient being claiming that the preborn child’s heartbeat begins at 24 weeks. The heartbeat begins between 21 and 24 days. At least, according to science and all that stuff like that. Which may or may not apply to their bodies.

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“You need to focus on the birth control issue rather than the photos or the scientific evidence that Nate just gave you.”

Once again, an oh-so-beautiful example of the complete disregard the pro-abortion movement has for things such as “photos” or “scientific evidence.” I would assume that in a court case brought against them in which they were innocent they would enjoy having “photos” and “scientific evidence” supporting them, as opposed to the mere opinion of a “living, breathing, sentient being.” Especially ones who dislike science and evidence.

Ladies and gentlemen, the activists of Planned Parenthood.

LifeNews Note: Jonathon Van Maren writes for the Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform.