He Killed Babies Born Alive After Abortion, Until This Happened

State   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jun 18, 2014   |   1:49PM   |   Austin, TX

Anyone who remembers pro-life activity last summer will recall the battle of getting HB 2 passed successfully and signed into law – Wendy Davis, pink sneakers, Planned Parenthood buses, protests in Austin, filibusters, and ultimately victory.

douglaskarpen4Students for Life rallied with many of our pro-life friends in Austin in support of HB 2 that would force abortion facilities to provide the same standard of care and meet the same requirements of ambulatory surgical centers as well to make sure that all abortionists have hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles of their abortion facilities. It also thankfully banned late-term abortions.

While abortion advocates were in an uproar over this bill that would provide higher standards for women’s health, pro-life advocates were fighting to make this bill law and succeeded. Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law and several abortion facilities shut down almost immediately because they couldn’t meet the basic health standards.

Dr. Douglas Karpen, an abortionist in Houston, Texas,  has been referred to as the Kermit Gosnell of Texas because of similar horrific practices of aborting very late-term babies, killing babies after botched abortions, and causing significant harm, and death, to women.

According to the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Karpen has no admitting privileges to any hospitals within a 30 mile radius of any of his facilities. Because of this law, the Gosnell of Texas, Douglas Karpen has been shut down and cannot legally perform abortions.

It’s a good thing too because this abortionist deserves every comparison to Kermit Gosnell and women and their unborn children would be in grave danger if they ever set foot in one of his abortion facilities.

Ladouglaskarpen6st year, brave employees of Dr. Karpen went public and revealed the heinous practices of the abortionist, including delivering live babies and then killing them. Unfortunately, in December a Texas grand jury said it didn’t have enough evidence to convict him. However, the Washington Examiner points out that he still faces another lawsuit from a “woman who suffered a life-threatening injury to her uterus following an abortion he performed.” And in a scene from a horror movie, it was reported that “waste” from one of Karpen’s facility leaked into a neighboring car dealership where a woman said she saw human body parts and “little legs.”

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Shutting down Karpen and others like him cannot happen soon enough. Abortion advocates should rejoice that Karpen is not allowed to perform abortions because he is a danger to women, the very women seemingly pro-choice advocates dare to say they want to protect.

Since the law was passed, 19 facilities in Texas have closed down because they couldn’t meet the health standards and many more are expected to follow. Other states should follow Texas’ lead and stand up to protect women and their unborn babies, demand abortion facilities adhere to high medical standards and put other Karpen’s and Gosnell’s out of business for good.