California Increases Taxpayer Funding of Abortions by 40%

State   |   Josh Brahm   |   Jun 18, 2014   |   4:35PM   |   Sacramento, CA

Even though California is in a major fiscal crisis and water emergency that is crippling its agricultural output, the Medi-Cal department decided to increase funding of abortion services by 40%. The abortion funding increase was pushed by Speaker Toni Atkins. Planned Parenthood celebrated.

Even though California has always been very pro-abortion-choice in its policies, this budget change even surprises me. As the California Catholic Daily reports, this 40% increase contrasts with a 10% cut for every other kind of service that Medi-Cal reimburses for!

pichealth19bThe evidence for the 40% increase is provided in this California Department of Health document. The background for the 40% increase is presented on page 346:

“Until greater utilization of the most effective birth control methods (LARCs) occurs, for those women that have disparate access to family planning services, prescriptions for less effective methods of birth control, are victims of birth control sabotage, or other circumstances beyond their control, an increase in reimbursement rates for pregnancy termination services is warranted.

“These sensitive services must be immediately accessible statewide and provided in a very timely manner. Early statewide access insures services are less costly, whereas lack of access results in increased ongoing expenses for years. An increase in reimbursement rates will provide early and consistent access to services and significant cost-avoidance.”

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California Pro-Life Council reports that the State Assembly handily voted down three different amendments to restrict abortion funding. (Special thanks to Assemblywomen Grove, Waldron, and Olsen for their efforts).

I pride myself on assuming the best about other people until they prove me wrong, but it is difficult to see this evidence and not suspect that there are some extreme abortion activists at the California Department of Health. They have reduced coverage of so many services that actually help impoverished citizens of California. That would be understandable considering the budget crisis we’re in, but then to pick one procedure, abortions, and increase the funds for that by 40% is remarkably disturbing. It really shows the priorities of California’s Department of Health.

The budget now goes to Governor Brown. California Pro-Life Council recommends that pro-life advocates contact his office and urge him to veto the increase in abortion funding. California is funding abortions at any time for any reason, they do not require a physician, and there is no parental notice required!