Don’t Call Her “Abortion Barbie” But Wendy Davis to Hold Fundraiser Celebrating Filibuster Anniversary

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 16, 2014   |   4:41PM   |   Austin, TX

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is a national household name for one reason: abortion. She became the face of the pro-abortion movement when she stood up against a pro-life bill in the Texas legislature to stop late-term abortions.

wendydavis12Preferring to keep abortions legal in the Lone Star State up to the day of birth, Davis infamously filibustered the bill and was eventually defeated and the bill became law. Since then, dozens of abortion clinics have either closed down or stopped doing abortions.

After the filibuster, conservative activist Erick Erickson of Red State called David “Abortion Barbie” on Twitter and the parody moniker stuck. It became such a sensation in referring to Davis that posters sprung up in Los Angeles describing her as such when she want to California to raise money for her campaign.

Davis was incensed by the posters. However, it’s hard to image why she’d be so upset when she now is hosting a fundraiser to celebrate her abortion infamy. Today, she tweeted:

The filibuster anniversary fundraising page says: “Please Join Senator Wendy R. Davis, Senator Leticia Van de Putte, and Other Special Guests To Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Filibuster.”

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Sorry Wendy, you can deny it all you want but you are the face of abortion and Texas voters won’t forget come November, which is why they will vote for pro-life gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.