Cosmo Magazine Complains States are Passing Pro-Life Laws to Stop Abortions

State   |   Katie McCann   |   Jun 12, 2014   |   12:27PM   |   Columbus, OH

Ohio Right to Life’s done it again–we’ve provoked the ire of the national pro-choice media. Because of the effectiveness of our strategies and techniques, the nation is watching Ohio.

Last month, NPR shared a story, “Abortion Opponents Find Winning Strategy In Ohio.” At Ohio Right to Life, we are gratified when well-respected news institutions recognize the national impact of our work. But admittedly, we are also encouraged when the pro-choice media seethes over Ohio’s pro-life successes. It means we’re doing something right. Last week, Cosmopolitan ran a story entitled, “How Ohio Became One of the Worst States for Reproductive Rights in the Country.”

cosmo5An ACLU attorney told the writer, “‘Ohio is a hotbed innovator of abortion rights restrictions.'” The writer echoed this statement, calling Ohio a “Midwestern state that’s been an incubator for the kind of restrictions increasingly put into play nationwide.”

One of the “cutting edge” laws that Cosmopolitan took issue with? An 2011 Ohio Right to Life initiative that protects 20 week, viable children from abortion. Before the rise of the popular pain-capable ban, Ohio passed an initiative that requires viability testing at 20 weeks gestation. If viability can be determined, an abortion cannot take place. The following year, Ohio saw a 30 percent drop in abortions after 19 weeks. In 2013, a late-term abortionist closed shop in Cleveland, reportedly because his demand for late-term abortions had dropped off.

All evidence that we are doing our job: Saving Ohio’s children.

While Cosmopolitan championed the “100% pro-choice” FitzGerald-Neuhardt ticket towards the end of the article, I wonder whether Cosmopolitan has any idea that FitzGerald is polling 15 points behind pro-life Governor Kasich–or that, despite all of the so called “abortion rights restrictions,” the Governor’s even leading among women.

LifeNews Note: Katie McCann writes for Ohio Right to Life. This originally appeared at the Ohio Right to Life blog.