Men Often Support Abortion More Than Women, And There’s a Reason Why

Opinion   |   Mike Schouten   |   Jun 11, 2014   |   12:32PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Even though it should not surprise us, it is still disturbing to know that more men than women support abortion. I came across this article today and I agree with the author’s analysis.

Philippa Taylor is the Head of Public Policy at the Christian Medical Fellowship in the UK. She says, “We have to consider the possibility that perhaps women are not always making choices that they really want to make, as men absolve themselves of their responsibility in decision- making. A choice is no choice if there are not equal (supported) alternatives.”

proabort23Canada’s unfettered access to abortion allows men to live with this attitude; an attitude that shows complete lack of regard for the woman they have impregnated and a callousness that is quite frankly, repulsive.

Ms. Taylor goes on to dispel the myth that abortion laws are an assault on women’s rights. She says, “So before commentators all too easily accept claims that restricting abortion is a war on women, they should stop to consider whether abortion is really a choice women want to always have to take responsibility for on their own.”

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Certainly something to consider as we advocate for protections for pre-born children. Alto often the only voices we hear are those saying that pro-lifers who want to see abortion laws enacted don’t care about women when in fact the opposite is true. In addition to protecting pre-born children, abortion laws will also protect women. The legal void in numerous jurisdictions, including Canada, has created a culture where women in an unplanned pregnancy are likely to believe that abortion is the only choice they have.

Prohibitive laws will most certainly cause Canadians to question the morality of abortion and thus open the proverbial window to the exploration of other options. This in turn will ensure a greater responsibility on the part of men – something that should be supported by everyone.