92% of Babies With Down Syndrome in England Are Killed in Abortions

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Jun 10, 2014   |   10:14AM   |   London, England

In the latest controversy surrounding abortion law in the UK, a report for the British Department of Health has revealed that 50% of all babies aborted because they have Down’s Syndrome are not being recorded in the appropriate official records as required under the 1967 Abortion Act.

Of 994 abortions carried out because the unborn baby was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome in England and Wales in 2012, only 496 of these had been notified to the British Department of Health. 11 of the abortions that were not recorded were carried out after 24 weeks’ gestation – the time after which a baby can survive outside the womb.

downsyndromebaby23Commenting on the revelations for the Pro Life Campaign, Dr. Ruth Cullen said: “This story highlights in a very stark way the total disregard for human life that exists once abortion becomes legal.  Abortion is legal in Britain, up to birth, in situations where a baby is diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.”

Dr Cullen said: “It is rank hypocrisy for Governments that tolerate such laws to be parading themselves as defenders of human rights while at the same time justifying the killing of unborn children with special needs instead of creating a more welcoming society for children and families in these situations.

“It it a truly shameful indictment of the law that 92% of babies with Down’s are aborted in Britain.  That the figures have been under-recorded highlights the fact that the abortion industry seeks to understate the number of eugenic and late-term abortions.”

Perhaps one of the most sinister aspects of this story is the fact that there will be no real debate about the real tragedy at its heart.  The Department of Health may insist on better recording of the categories of abortions taking place, but the vast majority of politicians and media commentators will ignore the real scandal.

Why does UK law allow unborn babies to have their lives ended if they are diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome?  Babies born with Down’s Syndrome are rightly given the support and encouragement that they need to reach their full potential.  We constantly hear good news stories of how they have overcome their disabilities to reach remarkable achievements and the Special Olympics is a testament to the dedication that people with Down’s Syndrome put into their chosen sport.

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The sad reality is that unborn babies diagnosed with this condition are fast becoming one of the most targeted groups in society.  In societies like Britain, the availability of abortion has taken such a hold that too often it becomes the default reaction by doctors, chosen as a way out by worried and vulnerable parents who often come to bitterly regret their decision later on.

We can do far better than this.  Children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome deserve the same love and protection as anyone else.  So too do their parents.  Today’s story of abuse from Britain will light up the airwaves for a day or two, before being forgotten.  It is only when we start to look at the inhumanity that lies beneath the figures quoted that we will start to row back on the human rights abuse that is abortion so that every member of society can be properly cherished and supported as they deserve to be.

Link to official Report here – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/314006/data_matching_and_under_reporting_HSA4s_final_230514.pdf