This Pro-Life Billboard Was Up for One Day Until Planned Parenthood Took It Down

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 5, 2014   |   12:07PM   |   Jackson, MI

This pro-life billboard was lucky to have ever been erected on the sign that sits on Planned Parenthood property. It should have been rejected before it was ever put up, but local pro-life activists who attempted to have a pro-life billboard outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion business tell LifeNews today they’re happy they got one day with their message outside.

Kathy Potts, the executive director of Jackson Right to Life, tells LifeNews the story and talks about how her pro-life group is not giving up on its mission to expose the biggest abortion business in the country:

We were excited to put up the billboard in this photo…right over Planned Parenthood.  It was up for one day and then removed.

jacksonmichiganAllow me to explain what transpired and then what is required of us.  Let me be very clear we have no problem with Adams Outdoor Advertising.  Simply put, as we went through the process to acquire the billboard for three months, there were “flags” in Adams system that should have rejected our message.  None of those “flags” worked and our board was up on Monday.

In a nutshell, we learned that the billboard is actually on PP property and they lease it to Adams–with an addendum to the lease that a pro-life message not be allowed.  We consulted with some of the best pro-life attorneys and we decided it best to accept the decision that the board be removed.  It was never a message issue.  It was a contract and leasing issue.

I’ve been telling people that I was reminded God’s perfect plan is not always ours.  The Jackson RTL board will be offered other locations and decide if that is an option for us.  This same board will be going up on S. West Ave. heading north (by Taco Bell on the railroad overpass) in July for two months.  It is also currently up on I-94 for a full year.

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I know that the abortion industry is powerful and wealthy.  I know they have no qualms about lying, and everything to gain by telling the public that abortion is nothing to fear. Their slick Madison Avenue marketing is second to none and people are deceived…especially unsuspecting women facing unplanned pregnancies.

This brings me to what is required of us at this time.  We must step out of our comfort zone and teach people what PP is all about.  I can not stress enough that far too many people do not know what PP is:

*They are the largest abortion provider in the country.
*They are under investigation in other states for not reporting statutory rape and medicaid fraud
*They received over $500 million in forced tax payer funding last year
*They oppose any legislation designed to protect women whether it is filthy conditions in many abortion facilities or factual      information regarding fetal development in making their decision.  They even support late term abortions dismembering fully  developed babies in the womb.
*Follow the money.  Their slogan, Care No Matter What should be Abortion No Matter What.

We may be silenced by Planned Parenthood with a billboard but let us not be silenced in spreading truth in our community.