Their Daughter Only Lived 118 Days, But She Brought Them Closer to Eternity

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 3, 2014   |   11:10AM   |   Washington, DC

LifeNews has profiled dozens of parents over the years whose babies lived only a short period of time. Because the babies had severe disabilities, abortion advocates suggest they should have been aborted instead.

But these parents universally agree that they don’t regret not having an abortion even though their children lived only a short time after birth.

brooklynAdam and Corrie Hull’s baby girl, Brooklyn, lived for only four months but managed to draw her parents closer to eternity. here is more on their story from the web site Rare:

“When I think about heaven, it holds a lot of hope,” said Corrie. “Celebration and joy can still exist in the face of something dire and terrible.”

Little Brooklyn was born with a rare chromosome abnormality, explains Adam in the video, and doctors didn’t expect her to live long after her birth.

The Hulls acknowledge the gift of a few months with their daughter.

“I’m so so thankful that we got to look in her eyes and meet her today and that we got to do that for 118 more,” said Adam during a prayer on what would have been Brooklyn’s first birthday.

Both parents look forward to the day they will see their daughter again.













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“I just feel like recently I’ve just been so aware of how much I think about eternity. You know? Like, it’s just never felt real before and I think it just feels like really, really, really real that this is not the end,” Corrie said.

There are times Corrie would rather not have to endure the heartache but ultimately knows to live for every moment.

“There are days where I really wish I could just fast-forward and I wish I could be at my death bed and about to be in glory and about to be where there really isn’t any more pain and there isn’t any more suffering,” said Corrie.