She Had an Abortion, But Now She Doesn’t Live With the Shame: Here’s the Amazing Reason Why

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 27, 2014   |   6:03PM   |   Washington, DC

Women who had abortions and regret their decisions can find forgiveness from God, even though they may face massive guilt about their decision.

postabortion5Georgette Forney, who had an abortion and now ministers to women who have, says an abortion can tear at women spiritually and emotionally.

“Women who have abortions often resort to using drugs and alcohol to cover up the pain because the people who told us it was ok to abort our babies, don’t want to listen to our crying afterwards,” Forney explained.

Vicki Thorn, who founded Project Rachel, the organization that has helped thousands of women rebuild their lives following the problems and pain of an abortion, has also ministered to countless women over the years.

“This is a woman who lost her child in a traumatic and unnatural fashion. She’s grieving, hello! I mean, that’s normal,” Thorn said.

“And the process is one of helping her to process the anger toward the other people involved, to move to forgiveness, to be reconciled then with God, with her baby and with herself and forgive herself in that, that’s it,” Thorn added. “That’s not high-tech psychotherapy, you know, that’s spiritual healing and it works.”

Now here is another woman’s story of finding hope and healing: