Abortion Doc Claims He’s a Christian Despite Killing Babies at Six Months

State   |   Carole Novielli   |   May 27, 2014   |   12:29PM   |   Washington, DC

NJ.com has called a man who kills unborn children for a living is a “Christian” in a recent article.

The article headlines, “Why I perform abortions: A Christian obstetrician explains his choice”, interviews a Mississippi abortionists by the name of Willie Parker. The article begins with this, “He’s a Christian from Birmingham, Ala., who initially refused to even consider the procedure.But about halfway into his 20-year career, he changed his mind. Now, he’s one of those rare doctors who is willing to push the limits and provide abortions at 24 weeks of pregnancy. ”

In case you cannot do the math – that means he is willing to kill babies which are six months gestation for any reason given….

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Parker insists he was raised a Christian but struggles with providing abortions. His turn to the “dark side” allegedly came after listening to , “a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King, I came to a deeper understanding of my spirituality, which places a higher value on compassion.”

Still trying to understand how killing an innocent baby is compassionate…..

He then describes the average abortion patient, “The women most likely to be in those situations are trapped in poverty, often women of color or poor socioeconomic backgrounds, less education, and women and girls at the extremes of reproductive age. Women beyond the age where they think they can become pregnant, or young girls who have infrequent and irregular sexual activity and aren’t conscious of it.”

In other words, Parker, a black obgyn, has no problems killing off his race

















Parker then calls abortion a HUMAN RIGHT- can you imagine?

“Abortion should be considered a part of reproductive health care and a basic human right, but it’s not,” abortionist Willie Parker says.

But, even Parker has his limits – I mean – ripping a baby limb from limb at 6 month – 6 days almost 25 weeks is as far as the “Christian” abortionist will go. What stops him? The law!



“I don’t do abortions beyond 24 weeks and 6 days. In the absence of lifesaving measures, my cutoff is the legal limit. That becomes a moving target, but nobody in D.C. does them beyond 25 weeks. Once a fetus has the possibility to survive outside the womb — with or without extraordinary support measures — I will not do an abortion. The only exception is if a woman’s life is in danger or the fetus is fatally flawed,” the abortionists brags.

Lest you think Parker is alone in his “claim” that he is a “Christian” in abortion circles – a Dallas abortion doctor was once an ordained minister.

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Curtis Boyd, once told a local media outlet that he knows he is killing…..

“Am I killing?” Boyd said. “Yes, I am. I know that.”

Boyd said he is an ordained Baptist minister who has now turned Unitarian. He said he prays often.

“I’ll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy be returned to God with love and understanding,” he said.

Then there is abortion giant Planned Parenthood which sells abortions to young girls taking American tax dollars to do it.

This blogger recently uncovered the fact that Planned Parenthood was USING GOD to sell the killing of children:

Planned Parenthood pastoral letter Header.





In a Pastoral Letter to Patients, Planned Parenthood tells women and girls in a crisis pregnancy that there is nothing in the scriptures that says abortion is wrong and that many clergy think abortion is okay:

The decision to have an abortion is personal. Though your reasons may be complicated and private, you’re not alone. As religious leaders from a number of religious traditions, we’re here to support you in your decision.

Many people wrongly assume that all religious leaders disapprove of abortion. The truth is that abortion is not even mentioned in the Scriptures—Jewish or Christian—and there are clergy and people of faith from all denominations who support women making this complex decision.

The beliefs of each person are deserving of respect, and each person deserves care and compassion,

No one should be allowed to force their faith teachings on anyone else.

We believe this decision is yours, made with your doctor and anyone else you choose to bring into the conversation, such as a spouse, partner, parent, or clergy person.”

The letter goes on to tell the FUTURE PAYING ABORTION CUSTOMER that, “God loves you and is with you no matter what you decide. You can find strength, understanding, and comfort in that love.”

One has to wonder in all the efforts to demonize Christians by the abortion lobby- why they are all-of-a-sudden finding god (little g) – perhaps – they have discovered that using God to sell abortions can be profitable!

LifeNews Note: Carole Novielli is the author of the blog Saynsumthn, where this article originally appeared.