Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion: Two Amazing Singers Who Were Almost Victims of Abortion

National   |   Sarah Terzo   |   May 26, 2014   |   1:15PM   |   Washington, DC

(LiveActionNews) — Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion are both  internationally renowned singers. They  have two of the most beautiful voices in the world. But in addition to being amazing singers, they have one other thing in common.

Andrea Bocelli has performed many times and won many accolades. He is also blind. At one of his concerts, he told the following story:

celinedionAnd it turns out the Celine Dion too was almost a victim of abortion. According to EWTN news:

Canadian music star Celine Dion has said that she credits her family’s parish priest for convincing her mother not to abort her.

Dion said her mother was initially devastated when she learned she was pregnant with Celine, the 14th child in the family, and she asked the priest if she could have an abortion. The priest upheld the teachings of the Catholic Church and told her that she could not abort her child.

“He told her that she had no right to go against nature,” she said. “So I have to admit that in a way, I owe my life to that priest.”

Dion added, “Once she got over her disappointment, my mother didn’t waste any time on self-pity, and loved me as passionately as she’d loved the last little one.”

Listen to them sing together, a song called “The Prayer.”  And think about what the world would have lost had these two people been lost to abortion. Imagine what the world HAS lost because of over 50 million abortions in the US alone.