War on Women: Woman Can’t Get Meds for “Female Problem” Because Obamacare Labeled Her a Man

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 21, 2014   |   1:18PM   |   Washington, DC

They told us during the Obamacare that pro-lifers were waging a war on women because we didn’t want to pay for abortions under a government-run health care plan.

shelbyhThen they told us we were waging a war on women because we didn’t want to be forced to pay for birth control or abortion-causing drugs if it violates our religious or moral beliefs.

Now there is a real war on a woman. One woman cant get the medicine she needs to deal with her “female problems” because the Obamacare systme as incorrectly labeled her a man. Where’s Sandra Fluke when you need her?

As one conservative web site notes (video report below):

A report that aired on Asheville, NC Station WLOS on Tuesday detailed the story of college student Shelby Higdon, who was refused medicine¬† for her “female problems” under her Obamacare health plan because the provider’s system thought she was a man. Not only was she unable to fix the mix-up after multiple phone calls but they were nasty about it also.

Nothing like government health care at work….