Justina Pelletier Turns 16 on Saturday and Her Parents Still Don’t Have Custody

State   |   Mat Staver   |   May 21, 2014   |   12:49PM   |   Boston, MA

On Saturday, Justina Pelletier turns 16 years old. I wonder what special plans the Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families (DCF) have for Justina on her special day, her “sweet sixteen”, a day that comes along just once in a young woman’s life.

As a court-ordered ward of the state, Justina is being “parented” and “cared for” by the DCF.

justinapelletier6After DCF’s kidnapping of Justina over 15 months ago through a malicious “parent-ectomy,” Justina’s horrific care has been referred to as both “barbaric” and “life-threatening.”

This young woman, who was competing in ice skating events just a year and a half ago, is now bound to a wheel chair. Her emotional and physical conditions have dramatically declined under DCF’s “care.”

These are just a few of the reasons why the Massachusetts nanny state makes a horrible parent and expose the hubris of the state in determining that they know what’s best for a child.

They removed Justina from the loving care of the Pelletier family and her home merely over a disputed medical diagnosis.

Under an arrangement with the DCF, Justina is now a resident of the behavior (psych) wing of the JRI Susan Wayne Center in Thompson, Connecticut, about an hour from the home of Linda and Lou Pelletier.

Justina should be returned home for her birthday!

The Liberty Counsel legal team filed a habeas corpus petition with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court asking for the immediate release of Justina from her unlawful detention.

The fact is, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the DCF could take action TODAY and send Justina home by simply informing the court that they agree with the petition.

They have the power to end this nightmare and let Justina spend her 16th birthday at home with her family.

Call Governor Patrick right now and urge him to “SEND JUSTINA HOME FOR HER 16th BIRTHDAY.” Be sure to mention that her birthday is THIS SATURDAY when you call.

Here are three phone numbers for Governor Patrick:


We have very limited time to try and make this happen, but Justina deserves our best efforts.

Thank you for your attention, your prayers, and your support of Liberty Counsel’s efforts on behalf of Justina and other victims of the increasingly oppressive nanny state.

LifeNews Note: Mat Staver is the Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action and Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.