Democratic Party Chair: “Wrong” to Punish Men Who Force Women to Have Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 15, 2014   |   2:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Debbie Wasserman Schulz is at it again. The chair of the national Democratic Party says a bill to punish men who force their partners to have abortions is “wrong” and “senseless.”

The Florida legislature passed and sent to pro-life Governor Rick Scott a bill that punishes criminals who kill an unborn child in the course of an attack on a pregnant woman. The bill ensures the criminal is charged with two crimes, for killing the baby and killing or injuring the pregnant woman.

wassermanschulz2The bill was necessary because John Andrew Welden tricked his pregnant girlfriend, Remee Lee, into taking a drug, misoprostol, to cause an abortion. Lee was six weeks pregnant and refused to have an abortion as Welden had demanded.

Authorities say that 28-year-old John Andrew Welden did not want to be a father, so when his girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, got pregnant, Welden faked a prescription for an abortion pill, switched a label so the medication appeared to be a common antibiotic, and gave her the drug. The drug did its job. The unborn baby died.

But punishing people like Welden is “wrong and senseless,” according to the top Democrat in the nation.



From the story:

Florida lawmakers also passed a bill making it a separate crime to cause the death or injury of on an unborn child at any stage of development during an attack on a pregnant woman. That was filed in part because of a woman dubbed the “abortion pill victim” whose pregnancy was terminated after her ex gave her a pill disguised as an antibiotic.

“Instead, Florida Republican lawmakers have wasted taxpayers time and money by passing these extreme bills that further limit women’s reproductive rights. It is senseless and it’s wrong,” said Wasserman Schultz.