Terry McAuliffe Pushes to Overturn Law That Has Closed Virginia Abortion Clinics

State   |   Victoria Cobb   |   May 13, 2014   |   10:27AM   |   Richmond, VA

Yesterday, Governor Terry McAuliffe held a press conference to announce his plans to try to undo the abortion center health and safety standards that have exposed more than 300 safety violations at Virginia’s abortion centers.

McAuliffe, to a throng of media and with representatives of NARAL Pro-Choice and Planned Parenthood at his side, said that he has issued a “directive” requiring the Board of Health to begin an “immediate” review of the health and safety standards. (During his campaign, McAuliffe mentioned that he’d issue a “directive,” but was ridiculed because Governors don’t have legal authority to issue directives.) He also announced that he was replacing five members of the 15 member Board.

terrymcauliffeIt appears that the five members he appointed are intended to replace four whose terms end on June 30th and the Governor asked to resign early, plus another open spot. So essentially, he’s trying to do a month early what he could have waited one month and done without question. The question remains unanswered whether or not the Governor’s administration called other members of the Board who are not scheduled to rotate off and urged them to resign. ¬†Such bullying tactics would unlikely be reported anyway.

It’s likely there will also be an absence of facts surrounding the health and safety standards themselves. Once again the abortion industry will successfully get the media to distract people with required “construction standards” that abortion centers can avoid through variances granted by the health commissioner, ignoring the bloody and unsterilized equipment, untrained staffs, violations of parental consent laws, and more. You can read more about what was uncovered through inspections here, here, here and here.

Of course, the Governor’s actions come after an election where the abortion industry spent nearly $2 million to help get him elected and has made it clear that they expect him to do their bidding. Also at today’s press conference, he announced that he’s putting Planned Parenthood back on the state’s payroll.

Over 60 days after he failed to successfully get a state budget passed, and while losing the battle over expanding ObamaCare in Virginia, McAuliffe is once again showing his true colors, and exposing his inability to do what he promised to do – focus on the economy. Remarkably (laughably!), he argued today that reversing abortion center health and safety standards is an “economic issue”! I guess if you count the taxpayer money he’s going to funnel to Planned Parenthood it’s an economic issue.



Here’s the bottom line: The abortion industry cannot be trusted. It is corrupt, deceitful, and cares nothing about “women’s health.” It cares about its bottom line, and having to spend money to train staff and clean their instruments isn’t part of the business model, but paying to have politicians like Terry McAuliffe cover up their actions is. Today’s announcement is just round one of the Governor’s abortion payback.

LifeNews Note: Victoria Cobb is the president of the Family Foundation.