Topless Feminists Disrupt March for Life as Archbishop Reads Pope’s Blessing

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 8, 2014   |   7:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Two topless pro-abortion feminists disrupted the Canadian March for Life today as the Archbishop of Quebec was reading a blessing from Pope Francis.

The pro-abortion group FEMEN, which seeks media attention by sending partially-nude pro-abortion protestors to pro-life Catholic events, was responsible for the disruption.

Neda Topalovski and Delphine Bergeron rushed the stage where Gerald Cyprien Lacroix, the Cardinal and Archbishop of Québec, was speaking to the crowd. RCMP officers dragged them away and put them in the back of a police van.

CTV News has more on what happened today while about 25,000 pro-life people marched for life in Ottawa.

topless5Two topless protesters crashed an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill Thursday afternoon.

Being topless is legal in Ontario, however the RCMP says the pair were arrested for “causing a disturbance.”

The demonstrators interrupted the 17th annual National March for Life rally held by the Campaign Life Coalition, which this year focused on banning abortion drug RU-486, still under review by Health Canada.

The women, who had phrases like “my body, my rules” painted on their bodies and on signs, are part of an international activist group called FEMEN. The group describes themselves as a collection of “brave, topless, female activists painted with slogans and crowned with flowers.”

The RCMP confirmed two females were arrested, and that the pair were issued a trespass notice under the trespass and property act and released from custody.