Thousands of Pro-Lifers Flood the Streets in Canada’s March for Life

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 8, 2014   |   3:26PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

So many pro-life people jammed the streets in Ottawa today for the Canadian March for Life that one member of Parliament was surprised at how many people could fit in one space.

The pictures below, from the Campaign Life Coalition, show the enormity of the crowd, prompting MP Stephen Woodworth to tweet: “How many ppl can Parliament Hill lawns hold? 25,000? They are overflowing today with the Rally for Life.”


canada21The day after Justin Trudeau banned pro-life candidates from running for the Liberal party, thousands of Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill in what has become the largest annual political demonstration in Canada. A good portion of downtown Ottawa was closed to traffic as women, men and children walked through the streets expressing support for laws protecting children before birth.

“It is remarkable that in spite of the large numbers of people that attend this event every year, the political parties continue to ignore the very real concerns about human rights and justice that occupy the minds of pro-lifers,” said director Mike Schouten who was also in attendance at today’s event.

“Imagine 20,000 Canadians gathered on the Hill to protest the treatment of stray cats. I would venture to say we would have a response from each of the parties before most of those 20,000 people had packed their bags and headed for home,” continued Schouten.

canada17Politicians have resisted the enactment of even the smallest restrictions on abortion. With this week’s announcement by Mr. Trudeau, it seems as though politicians are becoming more entrenched in that position.

“There are several reasons why the pro-life movement has not had any legislative successes. One is the false understanding that marching a few hours through the streets fills a pro-lifer’s quota of political activism for the year,” said Schouten.

“Just as importantly, Canadians—while uncomfortable with the legislative vacuum—are opposed to the enactment of abortion laws because they fear that pro-lifers will not be content with just one restriction and would continue pushing for a greater recognition of the rights of children before birth.

“I find it lamentable people so opposed to a debate on abortion laws don’t trust their own beliefs to stand the test of public democratic debate. Perhaps they should ask themselves if their beliefs are based on science, or just fear-filled rhetoric,” said Schouten.

Canada is in a truly embarrassing position when it comes to legal protections of children before birth.

“We have a long road to travel before we come into line with other democracies. It will take a greater commitment from those dedicated to the pro-life cause. It will also take both Canadians and politicians who are not afraid of tackling the issue for fear that the debate will continue long after the first small victory is achieved,” concluded Schouten.

Here are more pictures of the massive crowds: