DCF Will Move Justina Pelletier to Hospital Psych Ward, Parents Still Lack Custody

National   |   Mat Staver   |   May 8, 2014   |   4:28PM   |   Boston, MA

Justina Pelletier is a court-ordered “ward of the state” misguidedly assigned to the custody of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The “parent-ectomy” performed on Justina Pelletier by the DCF and Boston Children’s Hospital was an egregious overreach and abuse of civil rights by a state-run agency

justinapelletier15Demonstrating even more arrogance on the part of Massachusetts’ leadership, Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz, which oversees the DCF, believed that Justina’s parents had no right to know their scheme for Justina before he released details of their plans to the media.

Their plan is to move Justina Pelletier to the behavior (psych) wing of the JRI Susan Wayne Center in Thompson, Connecticut, about an hour from the home of Linda and Lou Pelletier. This is in lieu of putting her in a medical center – or returning her to the custody of her mom and dad.

“The announcement has infuriated the girl’s parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier… who claim the move is ‘not at all meant as a step toward regaining custody’ and called it ‘barbaric.’

‘They’re just shipping her off to another psychiatric facility,’ Lou Pelletier told FoxNews•com Tuesday. ‘It’s disgusting.’

‘They’re totally ignoring her physical needs,’ he said, citing a heart condition that Pelletier claims has gone untreated since the teen was transferred to Boston Children’s Hospital last year.”

The psychotherapy experimentation forced on Justina has brought her to the brink of death. Justina does not need more behavioral modification; she needs medical treatment and physical therapy, to say nothing of her educational and social needs.

DCF disingenuously insists that only the court can return Justina home, but at the same time DCF lists terms for her release. DCF and Governor Deval Patrick only need to inform the court that Justina should return home, and it would happen immediately.

Liberty Counsel filed a Petition for Habeas Corpus at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Ironically, DCF says that it will support reunification if the Pelletiers follow Tufts Medical Center care plan, which is what the Pelletiers were doing 14-months ago when Boston Children’s Hospital enacted a “parent-ectomy” and brought in DCF agents to enforce it!



Justina’s civil rights have been violated and her religious freedoms have been suppressed. As a ward of the State of Massachusetts, she is literally imprisoned.

This weekend is Mother’s Day. What a wonderful gift Linda Pelletier would receive if the DCF would do the right thing and return Justina home.

DCF needs to act on the best interest of Justina and return her home by her sixteenth birthday on May 24, not continue covering the tracks of incompetent bureaucrats who should be investigated and held accountable.