Michigan Democrats Falsely Claim Pro-Life Senate Candidate Terri Lynn Land Opposes Birth Control

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 7, 2014   |   2:34PM   |   Lansing, MI

Michigan Democrats are engaging in a war on women, or pro-life Michigan Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land in particular. They are labeling Land’s pro-life views “radical” and “backwards”and falsely claiming she opposes birth control.

Here’s what the Washington Free Beacon reports:

terrilynnlandSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Super PAC is bombarding Michigan airwaves with ads calling Land’s pro-life views “radical” and “backwards.”

“Backwards: That’s the direction Terri Lynn Land would take Michigan women,” the ad says.

The Land campaign slammed the 30-second spot’s misleading claims that Land opposes birth control, saying Land has made no such claims and supports access to the pill.

“Senator Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC is so desperate they have resorted to running demonstrably false advertisements in Michigan against Terri Lynn Land to avoid talking about Congressman Peters’ record on jobs,” Land spokeswoman Heather Swift said in a statement. “This sort of D.C. political mudslinging is shameful and not welcome in Michigan.”

Democrats, including Land’s opponent Rep. Gary Peters and President Barack Obama, are attempting to resurrect the “war on women” narrative that worked effectively in 2012. Land, Michigan’s second female secretary of state, immediately challenged those attacks in her first campaign ad, titled “Really.”

“Congressman Gary Peters and his buddies want you to believe I’m waging a war on women. Really? Think about that for a moment,” she says, taking a break to sip coffee. “As a woman, I might know a little bit more about women than Gary Peters.”

And here is what Right to Life of Michigan told LifeNews in a statement:

The Senate Majority PAC has produced an ad which misrepresents Michigan’s U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land by deceitfully citing Right to Life of Michigan. The ad falsely states that Terri Lynn Land wants to outlaw common forms of birth control.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “I want to set the record straight. Right to Life of Michigan does not have a position on contraception. It is reprehensible to cite Right to Life of Michigan in a deceptive political ad as the source of Terri Lynn Land’s position on an issue in which we are not involved.”



Right to Life of Michigan was never contacted by the Senate Majority PAC regarding our endorsement criteria or our policies as an organization.

The Right to Life of Michigan PAC, which has endorsed Terri Lynn Land for the U.S. Senate, does not consider the issue of birth control when making endorsements of candidates. Right to Life of Michigan is focused on abortion, infanticide and assisted suicide.

Terri Lynn Land’s opponent, Rep. Gary Peters and his allies, cannot defend Peters’ radical pro-abortion position which includes support for partial-birth abortion, sex-selection abortions and tax funded abortions. Because of Gary Peters’ extreme position in support of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, he has tried to attack Terri Lynn Land by misrepresenting her.

Listing said, “For those looking for the truth about candidates, consider the source. It is clear the Senate Majority PAC cannot be trusted.”