Louisiana Panel Passes Pro-Life Bill That Has Closed Multiple Abortion Clinics in Texas

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 7, 2014   |   6:17PM   |  

When the state of Texas clamped down on abortion clinics that could not follow basic health and safety standards and failed to ensure abortion practitioners had admitting privileges at local hospitals in cases where women are injured in botched abortions, abortion clinics closed down because they couldn’t comply.

louisiana2Now, Louisiana is following suit.

Today, HB 388, the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, authored by Representative Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe), passed unanimously through the Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee.

The pro-life bill will protect women by ensuring that abortionists have admitting privileges at a local hospital, that informed consent protections apply to all abortions, and that facilities that perform more than five abortions maintain proper licensing.

During the hearing, Rep. Jackson, reminded the committee that HB 388 is about the health and safety of women.
Dr. Damon Cudihy, an OBGYN from Lafayette who has treated women who have suffered from abortion complications, said that abortion facilities shouldn’t have “special interest loopholes” that sanction a lower standard of care than what ambulatory surgical centers must have.
Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, applauded the vote: “Today, Louisiana is closer to a pro-life future, one that protects both women and unborn children. Louisiana Right to Life is thrilled that the Senate Health and Welfare Committee unanimously passed HB 388, which will give women the protection they deserve. We commend Rep. Jackson and all members of the committee, especially Senator Claitor, Senator Heitmeier, and Senator Nevers, for staying through the debate.”